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Trudy's Top Ten for 2023

10 products

  • Clean-X Invisible Shield Protective Glass & Surface Coating

    Johnnie's Home and Hardware Clean-X Invisible Shield Protective Glass & Surface Coating

    Repels dirt, soap scum and hard water minerals for easier cleaning and sparkling bathrooms.


  • image_14

    Johnnie's Home and Hardware Delete Germ - Gallon

    Great for cleaning showers, ceramic tile, and toilets. Great clean smell, not harsh!


  • image_47

    Johnnie's Home and Hardware Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner

    A no-rinse neutral cleaner for all hard floor surfaces.


  • image_1160

    Johnnie's Home and Hardware StoneTech Deep Klenz

    Maximum strength cleaner, formulated to easily remove deep and stubborn dirt, grease, grime, oil and food stains from natural stone, tile and grout.


  • image_291

    Johnnie's Home and Hardware Tri-Flow, 6 oz.

    Spray lubricant. Not an oil. Doesn't attract dust.


  • image_181

    Johnnie's Home and Hardware Freeze Miser Outdoor Faucet Freeze Protection

    Senses internal water temperature. Drips when water temperature hits 37 degrees.


  • image_361

    Johnnie's Home and Hardware Air Sponge - 1 pound

    Absorbs odors quickly and easily up to 6 weeks. Will do a whole house when put behind the return air filters.


  • image_66

    Johnnie's Home and Hardware Bio Zapp, gallon

    Eliminates odors from smoke, pets, food, gas/fuel, shoes, sports equipment, cars, mold, mildew.


  • One Hour Enamel Paint

    Wise Owl Paint One Hour Enamel Paint

    Our One Hour Enamel Paint is a total game-changer for both professionals and DIY’ers alike!  With its built-in Satin topcoat, this quick cure formula knocks out projects in record time. Available in Quarts and Gallons. Coverage per Gallon is approximately 400sq feet. One Hour Enamel paint is available in many inspiring colors; please note that colors will vary depending on your screen settings.  Wise Owl Paint™ Wisdom for PRO Results Do not overwork. Lay down enough paint so that it has enough product to self-level but avoid drips. Do not use Wax over Enamel. The recommended recoat time is 2 hours. Use our Stain Eliminating Primer before for superior adhesion. Use a microfiber 3/16-inch roller.  If spraying, you may thin with water if needed but not more than 10%. If using Glaze over Enamel, no need to use Varnish first. Apply glaze right over enamel. Must seal the glaze with Varnish or Clear OHE. Do NOT use clear shellac as a primer with One Hour Enamel! It will cause the paint to crackle.

    $45.99 - $142.99

  • Morgan's Repellant

    Johnnie Chuoke's Home and Hardware Morgan's Repellant

    Morgan's Repellant comes from a family owned business and is made in the USA. It comes in three scents (Strong Garlic, Peppermint Cinnamon, and Sweet Scent), is an alternative to pelleted baits and safe where children and pets are concerned. It will help repel rats/mice in an area 20'x20'x8' for up to 90 days.  You can use it in many spaces such as:  homes, RVs, attics, stored boats, chicken houses, garages....  

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