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Pest Control

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  • Morgan's Repellant

    Johnnie Chuoke's Home and Hardware Morgan's Repellant

    Morgan's Repellant comes from a family owned business and is made in the USA. It comes in three scents (Strong Garlic, Peppermint Cinnamon, and Sweet Scent), is an alternative to pelleted baits and safe where children and pets are concerned. It will help repel rats/mice in an area 20'x20'x8' for up to 90 days.  You can use it in many spaces such as:  homes, RVs, attics, stored boats, chicken houses, garages....  

  • image_193

    Johnnie's Home and Hardware Clobber Multi-Purpose Insect Spray

    Use indoors. Kills and controls lice, dust mites, bed bugs, fruit flies, cockroaches, mosquitoes, crickets, spiders, scorpions, fleas and ticks, houseflies, gnats, black flies, carpet beetles, clothes moths, palmetto bugs, silverfish, centipedes, garden insects and more.


  • image_8

    Johnnie's Home and Hardware Spartan Mosquito Eradicator

    Uniquely effective, long lasting continuous mosquito control system. Does not require batteries or electricity, only water is needed. Contains no chemicals or pesticides.


  • image_671

    Johnnie's Home and Hardware Shake-Away Rodent Repellent Granules

    Gets rid of mice, rats, moles, shrews, squirrels, and chipmunks. 20 oz


  • image_198

    Johnnie's Home and Hardware Adios Drain Fly Repellant

    Thick clinging gel. Bio-degradable and non-caustic.


  • image_20

    Johnnie's Home and Hardware Bug Screen

    Environmentally responsible way to control pests without insecticides. Stuff peepholes and cracks with bug screen.


  • image_642

    Johnnie's Home and Hardware Shake Away Mouse Repellent

    Non-kill method safely repels mice from homes, cottages, barns, sheds, campers, stored cars, boats, RVs, trailers, and more.


  • Nature's Creation Fire Ant Mound Drench

    Johnnie's Home and Hardware Nature's Creation Fire Ant Mound Drench

    Nature’s Creation® Fire Ant Killer Mound Drench uses a combination of natural ingredients, and works quickly before the queen can be moved by her worker ants to start a new colony.


  • image_684

    Johnnie's Home and Hardware Messina Wildlife Animal Stopper

    Messina Wildlife's Animal, organic, pleasant to use. Stops deer, rabbits, groundhogs, skunks, and most herbivore garden pests! 32 oz Spray


  • image_1146

    Johnnie's Home and Hardware Messina Rodent Stopper

    Messinas Rodent Stopper can be used indoors or outdoors to discourage most mice and rats from nesting, foraging and entering buildings and other areas.


  • image_697

    Johnnie's Home and Hardware Bonide Wasp & Hornet Killer

    Provides instant knockdown, quick kill, and residual action that takes out the entire nest and prevents re-nesting. Jet spray shoots 20 feet. Works on yellow jackets, wasps, carpenter bees, and hornets. Oil-based. 15 ounce aerosol can. Contains: 0.1% Tetramethrin, 0.5% Piperonyl Butoxide, and 0.25% Permethrin.


  • image_736

    Johnnie's Home and Hardware Bengal Gold Roach Spray

    Kills ants roaches scorpions and more. Guaranteed to work! Flushes and kills. Kills roaches as they hatch. Kills bugs you see and those you don't see. Dry spray penetrates deep into cracks and crevices to drive roaches out to die. 11 oz.


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