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Safety & Security

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    Johnnie's Home and Hardware Bathtub Safety Treads

    Provides safer footing for slippery shower and tub floors. Reliable, non-slip traction. Self-adhesive backing. Easy to install and clean.. For use on non-textured surfaces such as stairs, ladders and pools etc. Package includes 12 treads. Individual tread size: 7.5 In. x 0.75 In. White.


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    Johnnie's Home and Hardware Sliding Window Lock

    For door or window, fits upper or lower track vent feature for fresh air with security. Pointed screw for added security. 2 per card.


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    Johnnie's Home and Hardware Ruggies

    Press and stick Ruggies triangles around edges or corners of any rug or mat to prevent curled corners, bunches, slips, and trips. Press and stick on hard flooring, tile, or linoleum without leaving any sticky residue. To reuse, wash with soap and water. 8 PK


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    Johnnie's Home and Hardware First Alert Smoke Alarm (Battery operated)

    Ionization sensor smoke detector. Uses a 9V (volt) battery designed to last up to 1 year.


  • image_242

    Johnnie's Home and Hardware First Alert Battery Operated Carbon Monoxide Alarm

    An easy-to-read backlit digital display allows a quick view current and peak CO levels.


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    Johnnie's Home and Hardware Anywhere Light

    Features bright, wide, glare-free illumination. No wiring or outlets are required.


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    Johnnie's Home and Hardware First Alert Smoke Alarm

    Uses an ionization smoke sensor to reliably detect smoke from hot, fast-flaming fires and alerts you with a loud 85-decibel alarm. Designed to be wired directly into home's electrical system.


  • image_175

    Johnnie's Home and Hardware Pro Lab Mold Test Kit

    The kit offers four easy testing methods. $40 Lab Analysis Fee Required for standard lab results.


  • image_174

    Johnnie's Home and Hardware Pro Lab Asbestos Test Kit

    Simple to use DIY test kit identifies asbestos fibers to as little as 1% content by weight and is more sensitive than EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) guidelines.


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    Johnnie's Home and Hardware Pro Lab Lead Surface Test Kit

    Simple to use do-it-yourself test kit detects poisonous lead on any surface to as little as 5 parts per million.


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