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Toilets, Sinks, Tub, & Showers

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    Johnnie's Home and Hardware Delete Germ - Quart

    Great for cleaning showers, ceramic tile, and toilets. Great clean smell, not harsh!


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    Johnnie's Home and Hardware Delete Germ - Gallon

    Great for cleaning showers, ceramic tile, and toilets. Great clean smell, not harsh!


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    Johnnie's Home and Hardware Instant Power Toilet & Tank Cleaner

    Removes buildup of calcium, rust, and hard water deposits in tank.


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    Johnnie's Home and Hardware Bring It On!

    Removes tough water spots lime and scale organic stains mold and mildew stain rust and more.32 oz.


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    Johnnie's Home and Hardware Pumie Stick

    Toilet bowl ring remover


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    Johnnie's Home and Hardware Bathtub Safety Treads

    Provides safer footing for slippery shower and tub floors. Reliable, non-slip traction. Self-adhesive backing. Easy to install and clean.. For use on non-textured surfaces such as stairs, ladders and pools etc. Package includes 12 treads. Individual tread size: 7.5 In. x 0.75 In. White.


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    Johnnie's Home and Hardware Clean Shower by Arm & Hammer

    Just mist your shower walls and doors after every shower to prevent soap scum build-up.


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    Johnnie's Home and Hardware Zep Acidic Gel Toilet Bowl Cleaner

    Clinging gel-based formula cleans with little scrubbing.


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    Johnnie's Home and Hardware Zep Shower, Tub, & Tile Cleaner, 32 oz.

    Zep Commercial acid-based bathroom cleaner removes soap scum and scale from shower, tub, and tile.


  • image_366

    Johnnie's Home and Hardware Granite Gold Shower Cleaner

    Specially formulated to deep-clean showers without damaging natural stone.


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    Johnnie's Home and Hardware Libman Grout, Tile & Tub Scrubber

    Thick scouring surface attached to handle grip.


  • image_186

    Johnnie's Home and Hardware Whirl Out Jetted Tub Cleaner

    Fast, effective way to clean whirlpool systems. Removes mold, mildew, bath and body oils, soap scum, dirt, and odors.


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