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Ways to Save Water

  • , by Trudy Chuoke Trudy Chuoke

There are a few things that I am extremely careful about, and one of those things is not wasting water.  It is a precious commodity and even though in San Antonio we sit on top of an aquifer, it by no means gives us the freedom to waste it away.  So, I have put together a few items that will help you save money and water in your yard.


In San Antonio we have one day a week (for the time being) to water our yard.  From 7am to 11am and then 7pm to 11pm on your specified day.  I cannot tell you the times that I have had to leave before the watering times are done, because I have had to go to work.  I do not have a in ground sprinkler system.  Nor do I need one.  I have a garden home and the lot size is small.  So, I started researching hose watering timers and here is what I have found to work well.


The easiest is a manual water timer.  It will water your yard for a specific time.  However, you will need to turn it on, it will not turn on by itself.  If that is not a problem for you, then this is the best, most economical answer.  Do It Best has one that can water up to 120 minutes.  You just attach it to the outdoor faucet, attach the hose and sprinkler, set the timer, and turn on the water.  It will turn off by itself and you do not have to try to remember to do that.  So, you can leave the house and know that the grass is watered for just a specific period.  However, it is just one station.


Orbit makes a hose faucet timer.  It is quite easy to use and when you look at it, you will understand why.  All the lettering and times are in LARGE type.  Even the instructions on the back are LARGE.  This timer will need batteries, but you can set this timer and not have to remember to turn it off or on.  It is still a one station timer.  That means you can only hook up one hose to this timer.  Now you can piggyback sprinklers together, but only one hose can be attached to this device.  And only one time can be set on this timer.  So, in the morning, or in the evening…. but not both.  You can water the yard for up to 240 minutes.  You can use a manual bypass for faucet to use for watering plants and flowers.  It also has a rain delay for up to three days.  (This is assuming it will rain again)


MelnorXT is a very versatile timer.  It is the one that I am using.  It does require batteries.  It is a two-zone timer.  I can water my front yard and my back yard all at the same time.  Yes, I have several garden hoses going around the yard.  And I am in the process of disguising these garden hoses, so it is not an eyesore.  I will show you a video when it gets a little cooler.  You can select up to four individual start times per day.  It has a rain sensor, so you do not water when it is raining.  Each watering area can have its own schedule. Now it is a little harder to set.  But there are several YouTube videos, and they are extremely helpful.  This timer is more expensive, but how many of you have accidentally fallen asleep on the sofa and then watered all night long?   It is embarrassing and expensive. 


 B Hyve is a Bluetooth outdoor timer.  It can communicate with your phone up to 150 ft.  It is a two-zone timer.  So, you can water two areas at a time.  It requires batteries, but you can expect to get a year’s usage from them.  It also has a manual override to use when watering plants and foliage.   If you like the convenience of using your phone to monitor the watering, this one is for you.

If you have a tough time finding any of these timers, just call the store and I can help you locate them.

 Now to the email….

Question:  I have streaks on my refrigerator doors.  I have tried many cleaners, but they still look streaked.  What can you recommend?

Answer:  The best stainless-steel cleaner is Sheila Shine.


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