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Trudy's Top Ten for 2023

  • , by Trudy Chuoke Sarah Jones

Do you remember when Johnny Carson was on the Tonight Show? I watched him almost every night and one of my favorite things he would do was his countdown for 10 special things. And as 2023 ends and 2024 begins, I thought I would share with you my 10 favorite things that I have sold this year in the hardware store. I talked about it on the radio show yesterday and so if you want to see the products – just pull up the show us up on YouTube or go to our website. So here goes!

 Number 10

Sleek Sockets, the socket cover that will give you a smooth finish on the wall. Why was this important? Well, I had just bought a sofa and it needed to fit smoothly against the walls. But the only electrical outlet was hidden behind the sofa. Well, when I saw the Sleek Socket at Do It Best, I was sold. You can also use them in the kitchen. You probably have a beautiful back splash, and if you are like me- you have a toaster, coffee maker and blender all out on the countertop for convenience. And they all have cords. With Sleek Sockets, you won’t see any cords, just a smooth finish cover.

 Number 9

Invisible Shield Protective Glass Coating that protects your clean glass shower door from hard water stains for almost a year. Use the Invisible Shield Glass Cleaner to further extend the coating from stains.

 Number 8

Delete Germ bath cleaner. This product is not new but is the best toilet bowl cleaner and disinfectant. Use it on your glass to remove hard water stains with ease. (remember to use #9 too) It will remove soap scum from ceramic tile and porcelain tubs.

 Number 7

Quick Shine Floor Finish comes in two formulas. The green bottle will give you a high shine which is wonderful for older wood floors, and one that is a floor luster which is an excellent choice for newer floors. Quick Shine is not a wax, but a polymer finish that never requires stripping. When your floor is not as shiny as you like, just apply another coat.

 Number 6

Deep Klenz is made by Stonetech. This is the best grout cleaner. Use it with a wallpaper brush and you will have your grout clean in no time. Apply a grout sealer to extend your clean finish.

 Number 5

Tri Flow is a true lubricant, and it does not attract dust. Why is that important? Once you lubricant a sliding glass door rail, the last thing you want is to attract dust. Clean the rail first with paint thinner and then apply Tri Flow. Now instead of a heavy sliding door, you will be able to move it with your pinky!

 Number 4

Freeze Miser is a trusted freeze protection for outdoor faucets. It attaches to the outdoor hose bib just like your garden hose and as soon as the water temperature drops to 37 degrees, Freeze Miser will start to drip protecting you from freezing pipes.

 Number 3

Air Sponge and Bio Zapp (Ok I know that’s 2) are the perfect odor neutralizers. I put them together because they work so well together. They will remove smoke and cooking odors.

 Number 2

Wise Owl Paint is a newcomer to Johnnie Chuoke’s Home and Hardware. I had been looking for quality chalk paint for so long. Little did I know that in finding Wise Owl chalk paint, I was also introduced to their One Hour Enamel. I just finished a project at my house with the enamel. It has a beautiful gloss finish that doesn’t require any varnish. Imagine how quickly your project will come together with this paint. They also have salve that is so good for antique furniture. Call me at the store so I can tell you all about this line.

 Drum roll please……

 Number 1

Morgans Repellent for rodents has been a game changer for my store. Why? We could never have bird seed at the store. And many of my customers wanted the ease of buying seed from their neighborhood store. Well, we tried it on our shelves and now we have plans for 8 feet of bird seed and feeders. If you have a problem with mice and squirrels, try this new product.





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