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Trudy's Favorite Sprinkler

  • , by Trudy Chuoke Trudy Chuoke

Favorite Sprinkler by Orbit


I have found a new favorite sprinkler by Orbit.  It’s called Precision Arc Perfect Pattern Sprinkler.  I know- what a name.  Trying saying it live on a radio show.  Last year I told you about another a sprinkler by Rainbird and that’s what I have in my front yard.  I like it because it is an in-ground sprinkler with a quick connect hose system.  You just simply click on the hose.  I never have to move my sprinkler each week, it stays put and since it’s underground, my yard guy can just mow right over it and I never have to worry about a broken sprinkler head.  My front yard is just square, so it’s perfect.  But my backyard, that’s another case. 

 I like the idea of one sprinkler that will water my whole backyard.   The Orbit Precision Arc can do just that.  It has 12 separate sprayers on one 3” sprinkler head.  And each sprayer is adjustable.  It has a collar that is adjustable that allows the sprinkler to go from part to full circle spray.  It has a flow-through so you can use it as a single sprinkler or attach it to another sprinkler.  The step spike allows you to easily step on it to get it securely into the ground. 

 I put my Orbit sprinkler in the back, right hand corner of my yard on my fence line.  From that space, I can see my whole back yard.   I adjusted the collar to almost a ¾ coverage.  I attached my garden hose and turned the water on.  Then I took my knob tool (it’s included) and started adjusting the distance of each water spray nozzle.  You can adjust the spray from 9 ft to 30 ft.  And that’s why I positioned my sprinkler back by the fence.  I have one area that turns a corner and is not very deep and I didn’t want it to continually spray my house.  And here is the smart part, you adjust the sprays on the head of the sprinkler from the opposite side of the sprayer, so you don’t get wet!!  Every adjustable sprinkler I try out I end up getting soaked.  It shouldn’t matter because I’m not made of sugar. 

 So now we are in Stage 2 watering rules, and I am completely hooked up for the most coverage for when I can water.  I will not have to do any hand watering.  My dad loved to do that, but it’s not my favorite thing to do.  These will be on the website and you can check them out on and have them shipped to you. 

 The Orbit Precision Arc Sprinkler is available at


When you install a new faucet – wrap a towel around it to protect the finish from scratching. 

 Now to the email….

 Question: We have a brick planter on the front of our home.  I really like my flowers and bushes but since I water – it leaves stains on the brick that look like white clouds.  I am assuming hard water.  How can I clean this off and is there a stain blocker I could use to keep this from happening?

Answer:  Remove the stain with Acid Magic.  Wet the front of the planter and then spray on the Acid Magic, scrub with a plastic bristle brush and rinse again.  I would take it 3ft at a time.  Then when you are done and it’s completely dry, you can use Dry Lok Protector in the low sheen.  This will provide a moisture barrier and you won’t get the cloudy look. 


Question:  My patio door is sticking.  I tried using WD40 and it worked but now it’s sticking again. 

Answer:  Try using Tri-Flow, instead.  First clean all the dirt and oil out of the track with a rag dipped in paint thinner.  Let it dry and then spray on the Tri-Flow.  Because it’s Teflon based, it repels dust and dirt.  It’s a true lubricant and WD40 is not.

Question:   Hello, we have a beach house with medium gray Trex decking.  The decking has rust stains from the metal roofing.  Can you recommend any product which can take the rust stains out without discoloring the Trex?  Thank you.

Answer:  Use Rust Aid.  It will require NO SCRUBBING.  Of course, try it in a small area first – just to be safe.  But your Trex is grey so it should be fine. 



























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