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Through the Roof

  • , by Trudy Chuoke Trudy Chuoke

When you have a new roof installed the last thing you expect is a leak. But it can happen. If it doesn’t rain for a while, it’s hard to know if the roof is faulty. But it has been raining lately. And if you see staining on the ceiling in one area, it’s a good time for a Through the Roof product.

Through the Roof is made by Sascho Sealants. It is the best product for small or large leaks on the roof. Whether it is an asphalt roof, shingle, or tiled roof, Through the Roof is the superior product. It is a co-polymer (two monomers put together) rubber elastomeric sealant that allows you to seal leaks that asphalt can’t. It has superior bond capability, is UV resistant, crystal clear and is paintable. It has a wonderful bond to anything that goes through the roof…things like roof jacks, vent pipes, skylights and fireplaces are all places that Through the Roof works perfectly. It’s an all-weather formula that is completely humidity and rain proof.


In fact, you can apply it even on a wet surface. If you have some shingles that have come loose, stick them down with Through the Roof. Broken concrete tiles can be patched back together with this roof sealant. You can this around inside the house to caulk with Through the Roof around dryer vents, foundation vents and outdoor faucets. A sealant should have three attributes, flexible, elastic, and adhesive. Those three in combination make a durable and high-performance product. Through the Roof will give you an additional ten years of protection on your roof and that’s the longevity that you want, and it comes in a quart, gallon, or a thicker caulking product– look for these on our website or your local well stocked hardware store.

 Now to the email….

Question: I irrigate my yard with well water. I assume the iron in the water is staining the edges of my driveway and patio. Do you know of a product to remove stains that are not toxic to grass and landscaping? Thanks!

Answer: The product is called Rust Remover by Goof Off. It’s the only rust remover that you don’t have to scrub. Put it in a pump-up sprayer, spray and let work and then rinse with water. It will not bother your landscaping.

 Question: I had someone clean for me and they used a product on my furniture that feels sticky to the touch. I want to remove that. What can I use?

Answer: Holloway House makes Fine Wood Cleaner that will dissolve grease and wax buildup. Apply with a soft rag, turning the rag to use a clean side. Then you can use Feed and Wax. Remember to use a small amount, a dime sized amount – your furniture will look great.

Question: I want to clean some bricks outside with my air conditioner. They mildewed because they are right beside a drain hose.

Answer: Clean up the brick with 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner. For this small job use the quart sized spray bottle and just spray the brick. Let it work for a few minutes and then rinse off with clear water. Let dry and if a shadow of a stain remains, repeat the process.

Question: I saw an article recently about products to freshen up the home. I have some leather furniture that is gently used. It looks dusty and dry. What could I use on the leather to clean and refresh?

Answer: When we sold all the stores in San Antonio back in 2008, I put all the furniture in storage. I was going to sell all of it when it was a cooler time of the year. Well fast forward 10 months and I am dragging that furniture out of storage to use in the hardware store Dad bought. I recently cleaned the furniture again this time using Leather Cleaner by Holloway House. Once clean, I then followed up with Leather Salve and gave this furniture some new protection and glow. Try it on your furniture and I know you will be pleased.

Question: I have been using Delete Germ from your store in our toilets. My wife is pleased with the results. Is there a way to get rid of the rust that is in the tank?

Answer: Instant Power Tank Cleaner works every time.




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