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The Best Stocking Stuffer

  • , by Trudy Chuoke Trudy Chuoke


We just finished an event at the San Antonio store called Ladies’ Night, and we are all exhausted. If you are ever in San Antonio the week before Thanksgiving, you should swing by the store and check out the sale. Now since this event is over, I must face the hard truth that Christmas is just four small weeks away. I’m not ready, are you?

Let me give you a suggestion about a useful gift that is easy to give, loaded with helpful information, and a gift that is NOT on every “big box” shelf. It’s The Best of Johnnie Chuoke, Volume XII. It’s a helpful handbook for all your maintenance issues around the house, and it’s great gift for your family member who has just bought their first home. It’s also a great gift for the DIYer in your home that you constantly have those “honey do’s” that you ask them to tackle. Why not give them some help that is at their fingertips?

This book is based on all the articles that you read each week. So, you can throw out that manila folder crammed with articles that you all show me when you come into the store. Instead, you can have a neat spiral bound book that you can hold in your hands. It has tons of questions and answers, and why certain products are better than others. Questions about air conditioning? The best product lines for taking care of granite, marble, and quartz? Do you constantly clean hard water stains off glass shower doors and ceramic tile? Economical ways to light up the outside of your home so it always looks like someone is home. Do you live on a busy street, and you can hear the noise inside your home. If you need an answer, just check the book.

Are you going to paint your home next year? Do you know the right paint to use for South Texas and the humidity in Houston? Do you know the best way to prep? Do you know how to collaborate with contractors? Do you know who to pick? You will have the answers for mildew, rust, and oil stains around the house.  The tips in this book will help you save time and money by doing it yourself. And don’t we all want to save money

So why this book on Do It Yourself and not another? Well, it’s customized for you. It’s all about the problems that you face in your area of Texas. You won’t find tips on shoveling snow, but you will find tips on odors in the house and car and how to neutralize them. You will learn how to clean stubborn grout stains. You will find out whichf tools and products to use to get the job done fast. I have customers ask me for the previous books, but you don’t need them. Anything that is still relevant from those past books is all located in the current book.

You are going to laugh, but I use the book too. Unique problems that customers don’t ask every day, are highlighted in my copy so I can have the answer. Your book will be signed, and a sweet bookmark will be included. If you want it personalized, I can do that too. Order yours today to make sure you have it by Christmas by going to our website,, or call the store 210-341-1573.

I had a great question the other day from the radio show. My customer is having problems with small ants around the kitchen window. She did not have ants anywhere else in the house and she was frustrated. I explained that ants show up in the kitchen because of the water, and the food source. They easily go through small gaps in windows and screens and will travel in caravans to the sink and to food sources. Getting rid of those tiny ants is best managed with two products. Clobber is an aerosol pesticide that you use inside the house. Its water based, extremely low odor and is safe around children and pets after it dries. Shake well and spray it around the window and base molding. Then use an ant bait by Terro in the corners of the windowsill. If the budget doesn’t allow both, get Clobber.




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