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The Best Glass Cleaner

  • , by Trudy Chuoke Trudy Chuoke

I am rocking listening to Christmas music waiting for the paint to dry. What? That’s not what you are doing? Well, I have a few days off and I am finishing a project using Wise Owl Paint on a china cabinet. I decided to update this “blond” cabinet and paint it Jet Black from the Wise Owl One Hour Enamel collection. If you are thinking about painting an accent piece in your home, call me and I will tell you all about Wise Owl paint. I will post pictures of the cabinet before and after on the website when I am finished. But that’s not what I want to tell you about. So, if you need to get another cup of coffee, relax, and let me tell you about a couple of products I don’t talk about enough.


Glass cleaners….there are so many. And they run the gamut of prices and ingredients. I like a product called Dirtex by Savogran. Most people don’t know about it because it’s not at grocery stores. You can usually find it in paint stores because it will remove paint over spray. But in my store, it’s right on the cleaning aisle. It’s all we use in the gift shop for all the glass shelving. I like the fact that it is an extra strength for windows and mirrors, but you can use it on many surfaces. It’s a foam spray and it doesn’t run. I like a cleaner that stays where you spray. It removes grime and dust and will make the surface shine brilliantly. It leaves no streaks or filmy residue. Dirtex will remove hardware dust, so it made my job at home cleaning the glass shelves in the china cabinet easy. It’s also ideal for the mirror in your bathroom and then you can use it on your chrome fixtures--the metal around your glass shower door, and the shower fixtures will glisten with just a quick cleaning. I like being able to use one product for many surfaces because it makes cleaning fast. And the best part, it’s very economical.


There is another glass cleaner rarely talked about and it’s for your car. Do you get that film on the interior of your windshield? Of course, you do, we all do. And if you are headed directly into the sun, it can be blinding. Clean with Invisible Glass. Find it in the automotive section of your hardware store. Use this on your car because it is “tint safe.” And in Texas we all have tinted glass, or we get sunburned in our cars. (check your driving arm, it’s a thing!) This is a spray, so you need to apply it to a microfiber rag and then clean. Make sure the microfiber is clean, so you don’t transfer any previous cleaner to the glass. I got tickled when I read the label on Invisible Glass. It removes dirt, oil, PET SLOBBER, fingerprints, and smoke haze. I guess pet slobber is a real problem with large pets. Invisible Glass runs a little more, around $10-$12, but it will last you a long time.

Both products are made in the USA.

When you read this, it will almost be 2024. Is that shocking to anyone other than me? I am so excited about 2024 because it will be a big anniversary year for us at Johnnie Chuoke’s- 80 years!! We are going to party all year long. There will be celebrations every month this year and if you come to the store, you can be a part of that. If you order with us online, there will be a little gift in every package. Thank you so much for reading the article, trusting me with your projects and ordering from my hardware store. My prayer is that this year brings your health, love, and prosperity.

Now for a quick question…

Question: I have had lots of company over the last few weeks. And now I noticed that the hall bathroom toilet is really flushing slowly. It’s not stopped up, but it’s not running like it did. My guess is toilet paper – do you have any suggestion besides using a plunger. I am no good at that.

Answer: Use Green Gobbler in the granular formula. It’s safe and really works well on paper.








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