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Stop the Slip

  • , by Trudy Chuoke Trudy Chuoke

I have been incredibly lucky; I have never broken a bone. I have fallen but so far, I have bounced! HA! But I am aware of the possibility of slipping stepping out of the shower, or on a wet patio step. Maybe you have installed grab bars for your parents, but you don’t see that for yourself right now.  Believe me, I am looking right now for designer grab bars for the hardware store for my customers. But there is a safety measure you can take right now. It’s easy and it could save a fall.


Handi Treads started as a safety measure for dogs and slippery wooden stairways. But quickly they have become a go-to for homeowners also. Handi Treads are translucent grip treads that can be installed over tile, wood, laminate, and concrete. I like the fact that Handi Treads are easily trimmed with a pair of scissors. If you are using Handi Treads over tile, trim the tread to fit inside the tile and don’t span the tread across the tile and grout. Water will get underneath the tread over the grout and the tread will fail. Place the tread in the shower for a 6” x 24” safety tread, instead of the little strips of shower tread. Place a few pieces of tread outside the shower or bath and always have a safe place to step.


Do you have a deck outdoors? Tile on an outdoor patio? These are places that when wet can really become dangerous. Stop the slipping in your home because the only floor that your feet need to slide across is the “dance floor with your better half.” Find these treads on our website


Now to the email…


Question: What is the name of the kitchen cabinet cleaner that you recommended in one of your articles? I keep a list of all the useful household products you comment on but forgot to write this one down. Keep up the good work and Happy New Year!

Answer: For kitchen cabinets I like Quick Shine Cabinet Cleaner and Polish. Bona used to make one that was good, but they discontinued it. I will also use the Quick Shine on my furniture for a quick nice glow. Stay away from the ones that have silicone in them because they will build up on your furniture and dull the finish.


Question: I have dust around my AC and heating vents in the ceiling. It looks dark and I was wondering how to clean them. I still have those popcorn ceiling so I can’t rub and scrub them clean. But they look bad.

Answer: Use Zep Mold and Mildew stain remover. I am not saying it’s mold, it’s this cleaner that is bleach based will take out the dark stain and leave the ceiling white again. Be sure and cover the floor with plastic so that when you spray the ceiling nothing gets on the floors.


Question: Happy New Year! I read somewhere that there is something that you can pour down your toilet that will kills the tree roots in a sewer line. Do you know what that product is?

Answer: It’s called Root Kill. But you can use any product that has 99% copper sulfate, that’s what will kill those tiny hairline roots. Root Kill comes in a 2-pound container. Put 1 lb. in a toilet and flush at night and leave that toilet alone overnight. You can use the toilet during the day. Then the next night use the rest of the container and leave the toilet alone that night also. This will take care of the roots, and not harm the trees.


Question: I was gifted a previously loved leather chair, overly loved if you get my drift. What can I use to make the leather look good again? The chair is extremely comfortable, just want it to look as good as it feels.

Answer: Clean your chair first with Howard’s Leather Cleaner. I found out about this cleaner from a good friend of mine. She had a favorite leather chair and overtime was “overly loved.” It will remove oily stains that look white on the leather. Once the chair is clean, apply Leather Salve also made by Howard’s. It will protect the leather and keep it looking fresh and new.





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