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Stains on Tile

  • , by Trudy Chuoke Trudy Chuoke

 Have you ever had a project that you wanted to do, but you kept putting it off? Maybe you don’t know quite how to tackle it, or you have tried numerous times with various products only to be disappointed in the results. And now, since you have ignored the project for so long, you don’t even see the problem any longer? That’s me and my bathroom tile.

 I know you probably think that I have everything under control at my house. No weeds in the yard, no cracks in the driveway, no peeling paint on the eves, not even a dripping faucet in the kitchen but that’s not true. Just like you, I have projects that will cause me to get frustrated and flustered, and then I will put them off for so long that I can literally not see them anymore. But last Thursday I took a day off not to fix this project, just because I needed some rest. What’s this project that has driven me crazy, it’s my shower tile floor.

 Eight years ago, I purchased a little garden home. It was perfect for me, and I got the chance to do a lot of remodeling. But when I got to the cost of tearing out the walk-in shower, I balked and decided to put off what could wait. But I wanted to clean the shower to make the ceramic tile look good again and of course I used Delete Germ. Cleaning the walls was easy and the tile, although out of date in color, looked clean and bright. Then I tackled the floor of the shower. It was the part that showed the most wear. And then I did what I tell you never to do, I put Delete Germ on the floor of the shower and walked away. NEVER walk away from cleaning when using Delete Germ. Delete Germ is a gem of a cleaning product, but you must respect cleaning with the product and when you start cleaning, you must clean immediately and then rinse thoroughly, because it’s a mild acid. And when I walked back into the bathroom, I knew I had made a mistake. But it was too late. And that’s what takes me to today’s article.

 I felt like eight years was long enough to put up with the tile. I was going to do something even if it was wrong. When I looked at the tile, it really looked like hard water stains on the tile. So, I tried Delete Germ again, but the stain didn’t budge. I took a straight edged razor blade across the tile; the stain was still there after carefully going over each tile. Maybe it lighted a little, but I was looking for results this time.

I took stock of the arsenal of cleaning agents I have in my home, and I saw Acid Magic. Acid Magic is made for cleaning masonry on the outside of your home, but cleaning on the inside….well I was going to find out. Arming myself with gloves, glasses and a Scotch Brite scrubbing pad I poured a little Acid Magic on one easy to reach tile. I scrubbed, and I scrubbed, then I rinsed with clear water. And guess what, the stains on the tile disappeared. I can’t tell you how excited I was and moved on to the next tile, hoping I would get the same results. And I did!

 The moral to this project is, don’t give up! Call the store if you need help or email me and I will help you with a Plan B. Go to the website for the products mentioned here, past articles and things going on at the San Antonio.

 Now to the email….


Question: I have a septic system, and I was wondering what you think is the best product to keep the system running smoothly. I don’t have any problem, but I don’t want any problem because I am not at the ranch all the time.

Answer: Are you there once every 90 days? Because once every 90 days will take care of it with One Flush. Simply place One Flush in the toilet in the evening and flush. One Flush has billions more enzymes than other septic system products. And at under $12, is very economical.




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