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Spray Gun Grip

  • , by Trudy Chuoke Trudy Chuoke

Most of you are aware that we do a live radio show from the store each Saturday at 3pm. You could tune in on WOAI or watch it live on Facebook and get a double dose of information each week. It’s called The Happy Handy Man Show, just like the article that you read each week. To get ready for the show I will move about the store and start picking up products and placing them on the radio desk at the front of the store to help me get my thoughts together. And then sometimes my employees will sneak products up on the desk hoping I will talk about them. And that’s how the Rust-Oleum Spray Grip made it to the desk. At first, I thought – that’s a pretty boring product, I mean how interesting can a spray grip be? Then I turned over the packaging and read the directions.


Pressing a small nozzle for a big job can make your finger really get fatigued. And if your finger gets tired, I can promise you that job you are doing will show it. I like to suggest a spray grip for spray paint because I tell people that it’s important when spraying to start spraying on a cardboard background before you actually get to the piece you are painting so you get a smooth paint job. Otherwise, you will get a splatter on your project. A spray grip will really help your get a nice spray sweep action that will look smooth on the project. And that’s all I thought a grip would be good for, and then like I said earlier… I read the directions. How many times have I told my customers and friends that?


Think about it, how many jobs do you work on that the product uses a spray nozzle? I wondered myself so I started walking around the store and looked at everything that used a tiny button spray and I came up with a large list. In the lawn and garden there were insecticides. In the automotive there were spray lubricants and tire cleaners. In the cleaning aisle there was multitude of glass cleaners, furniture spray, silver cleaner, oven cleaners. In the paint department there was stains, polyurethanes, spray lacquers and sealers. I laughed at myself; do you do that sometimes? This innocent looking grip was really a good tool.


So that’s why they must have named it “spray grip” and not “spray paint grip” because it can be used on any button spray. So, if your finger gets fatigued when using some products, slip on a spray grip and make the job a whole lot easier.


Now to a couple of really great questions that are from the show this week… and by the time you read this it will be the 4th of July, twirl some sparklers and be thrilled we live in this United States!


Question: My kitchen cabinet door has started dragging and I noticed that the screws in the hinge are the problem. They have worked their way out but when I try and tighten them up, they just turn and turn. I have read to place toothpicks in the hole and that will take the space and the screws will be tight again. Is this what you suggest?

Answer: I would suggest using Screw It Again. Same concept but so much better. After a while those toothpicks will weaken, and you will be replacing it all over again. But Screw It Again is a plastic anchor that will slip down into the smallest screw hole. Remove the screw from the hinge, place the anchor in its place. Break off the anchor at the hinge surface (use a razor blade knife) and then just replace the screw. Works every time!


Question: I broke a light bulb off at the metal base on an outdoor light fixture. How do I remove the base and what can I do so that doesn’t happen again?

Answer: Make sure the power is off at the fixture by using a voltage tester. I like Klein Non-Contact Voltage Tester – you don’t even have to touch the fixture- just get close and it will scream at you if there is power. Then the new bulb, apply Di-Electric grease to the metal base and it won’t break when you have to replace it. Great question!

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