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Some Great Questions This Week

  • , by Trudy Chuoke Trudy Chuoke


The last few weeks have certainly been some cold ones and so when our email “blew up” I thought the questions were all going to be about preparing for the cold. But they weren’t, and so I thought their questions might help you so I’m going to share them. Remember, check out the Freeze Miser, if you are looking for freeze protection for your outdoor faucets. This freezing weather is not over!

 Question: A few years ago, you spoke to our garden club, and it was wonderful. You talked about a metal polish that had a tarnish preventative built into the polish. I can’t find my notes anywhere, what was the name of the polish?

Answer: The polish name is Hagerty 100, and it has a R2 preventative built right into the polish. That means when you polish your silver, you won’t have to polish it again for an exceedingly long time. It’s a fantastic way to save time.


Question: I have cleaned the grout in my shower, and I know it is clean. But it’s still not white like it used to be. So now what do I do?

Answer: The product to use is a Grout Aide pen. It has a soft felt tip and comes in white, almond, and gray. It’s easy to use. Just wipe it across the grout and watch the grout turn a nice clean white. If you get some on the tile it will wipe right off. I used it in my shower and the grout looked brand new again.


Question: I have a stucco wall connecting to my stucco house at a 90-degree angle. Due to the movement of the Houston ground, a gap has developed between the house and the wall. What is the best product to repair the gap?

Answer: I recommend that you use Slab. It’s made by Sashco Sealants. It’s flexible and will span the small gap. Since it’s flexible way when the house moves with the different seasons, the gap will not open again.


Question: Can you tell us how and what product to use to remove a drop of latex wall paint off a wood cabinet? The paint has dried, and it is hard.

Answer: Lift Off for latex paint remover. Works every time!


Question: I enjoyed your recent column on mice repellent. Do you know of any product that keeps lizards out of attics and garages?

Answer: I would use Clobber or VS102. VS102 will last longer because it is an oil-based product. Just spray the perimeter of the garage and around any areas of the attic that you see activity.


Question: We have some steps on our front porch that are covered with ceramic tile. The porch does not get wet, but the steps do, and when they are wet, they are very slippery. Do you know of a product that I could apply to the steps so I would not worry about someone falling?

Answer: Yes, there is a tread called Handi Tread that will keep the steps safer. The tread is virtually invisible and easy to install. They have a soft texture and mop friendly for ease of cleaning. They can be customized to fit to size with a pair of scissors. You can use this tread on wood, tile, or laminate. They are great for indoors or outdoors.


Question: I have roots in my sewer system, and I know there is something that used to be called “Blue Stone.” I can’t find it anywhere; do you have a product?

Answer: The product is now called Root Kill. Root Kill is sold in a 2-pound container, and you put one half of the bottle at night and flush. Leave the toilet alone overnight. Then the next night you repeat the process. This product is perfect for hair like roots that get into sewer lines. Use it once or twice a year and it’s safe for your trees.


Question: I want to strip off some paint on an antique piece of furniture that my grandfather gave me. So, I want to make sure that the stripper is safe. What would you recommend?

Answer: Use Soy Gel, it’s the only one that I will use. All the others are very caustic and hard on the wood. Soy Gel is not a “speedy” stripper, but it is effective.



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