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Screw It Again--Easy Cabinet Hinge Repair

  • , by Trudy Chuoke Trudy Chuoke

Cabinet hinges cause problems.  Do you have a cabinet door that has started to sag?  Here's Trudy's tip.

Last week I wrote about door hinges.  Cabinet hinges also cause problems.  Do you have a cabinet door that has started to sag?  You might have to lift it up just to close the cabinet door?  And when you looked at it closely, you noticed that the screws have come loose in the cabinet frame.  Maybe you tried to just tighten up the screw, and it just rolls and doesn’t tighten at all.  I know your first thought is to just get a bigger screw and tighten it down, but let me suggest another option.  It’s a type of wood anchor that works so much better.  Let me tell you why.

 Screw It Again is an anchor that can be used without taking off the cabinet hinge.  It’s tapered so that it will get down into the smallest of screw holes.  And they are reusable!  Since they are tapered, you can use the left-over anchor to fit larger screws.  The Screw It Again goes from an #2 through a #16 screw size. 

 Look at your cabinet door and find out which hinge is causing the problem.  Remove the existing screw.  Keep it because you are going to re-use it.  Take Screw It Again and screw it down into the screw hole.  You can use either a Phillips head screwdriver or a flat head.  Screw the anchor down into the existing screw hole and when it stops, rock the screwdriver back and forth and the anchor will break off.  Save the left-over anchor for another project.  Then take the original screw and screw it back in.  It will tighten up your screw hole and hold your hinge tight. 

 You can use Screw It Again on other projects like table legs, chair legs, bar stools, hooks in doors, door strike plates ….anywhere your screw has lost its grip in wood.  And that wood can be MDF, plywood, or hardwood.  Screw It Again comes in a 4 pack that retails for under $7 and the 10 pack  and retails for under $13.  Made in the USA, wave that flag!  Check out the website for images of this product.


Now this is a simple project with big rewards, and you can do it.  A screwdriver, and Screw It Again anchors are all you need.  Then show you neighbor.  Next week we are going to talk about using spring hinges on your doors.  It’s a great idea. 

 Now to the email…...

 Question:  Hello there. I’m getting a pinkish slime (mold?) in the corners of my shower floor. I want to seal the grout but need to clean it first. What do you suggest to sanitize and clean the stone floor with colored grout? I don’t want to bleach away the color of my grout.  Could you please tell me what products would work best?

Answer:  That pink look is from soap scum and hard water, mildew is usually dark.  So how to take care of cleaning up your colored grout is easy.  On a ceramic tile floor, just use Zep Grout Brightener.  But if you have natural stone on the shower floor, use Granite Gold Grout Cleaner.  It comes with a handy brush and will not discolor your grout.  Call me if that doesn’t work for you.

 Question:  I came into the store in San Antonio and met you and asked you several questions.  But on the way home, I remembered another question.  I have a marble entry way.  And years ago, when we built the house, that marble really had a glow.  But now, it doesn’t shine anymore.  What do you think would help? 

Answer:  First clean.  I am going to assume you have not used any product, yet.  Use a neutral cleaner – I like Quick Shine Multi Surface Floor Cleaner.  You won’t have to rinse, it’s that neutral.  Then use Quick Shine Floor Finish.  It will provide a shine with just one coat.  It will dry in 20 minutes.  Good Luck!



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