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Questions from the Readers

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I have had some great emails in the past couple of months and I really haven’t had space in the article to include them. But instead of a product to tell and share with you this week, I want to share these great questions. If you wonder what happens to these questions, let me tell you, they don’t just go into an email black hole. No, I save them and usually they make the next book. I figure if you take the time to email me, I should share it with everyone. Because everyone has the same problems.


Question: I have cleaned the grout in my shower, and I know it is clean. But it’s still not white like it used to be when it was new. Is there a product that I can use myself to make the grout look good? I know there are companies that refurbish grout and tile, but I want to save some money and do it myself. Any suggestions?

Answer: Absolutely! Since you say that you have already cleaned the grout, we just have to give it a little tweak, like a facelift. The product you want to use is Grout Aide Pen. It looks just like a magic marker. When you remove the cap, you will see a soft felt tip. Just the perfect size to fit your grout lines. And then you just go down all your grout lines. Now don’t think this is a two day project, it will go so fast. Let me tell you your shower will look amazing after touching up your older grout. I did my shower and the grout looked brand new. Grout Aide Pen comes in several colors and the tip is two sided, so you have twice the amount of marker in one pen. Oh and if you get some Grout Aide Pen on the tile, don’t worry it will wipe right off. Great project!


Question: My husband’s cat brought a mouse inside the house. And then she let it go. I never see it, (the mouse) but I know it is in pantry. I don’t want to use a trap, or those sticky glue boards, I just want it to go away. Do you have any suggestions?

Answer: I’m with you, I don’t like traps and really don’t like glue boards. So when we found Morgans Repellent, I was leery, but hopeful. If you have heard me talk about Morgans and how bad I wanted something to work you will understand. I wanted to carry bird seed in my store but couldn’t because it would bring rodents into my store. So we used Morgans like the owner suggested and within two weeks we had a new area in the store dedicated to birds, houses and complete with all the seeds any bird would want. So my suggestion is to get the Morgans. It’s made from all natural ingredients that are infused in pumice stones. Place Morgans in the back of your pantry and I promise your little home invader will find his way back outdoors.


Question: My toilet bowl is not completely filling with water. And so since the bowl doesn’t get enough water, it gets really dirty. What can I do to get more water into the bowl?

Answer: Lift the lid on the tank. Flush the toilet and watch what happens. Does the flapper drop too soon? Does the hose that puts water in the overflow attached with a clip secure? If the flapper drops too soon, get an adjustable flapper called Frugal Flush Flapper. Install it and then adjust the drop time of the flapper to get the right amount of water into the bowl. Call me if you have a question or if the problem persists.


Question: We bought a house at the lake, and it has a septic system. Well we are city folks, and don’t have a clue about septic systems. We went to the store and looked at what’s available and we are more confused than ever. What do you suggest?

Answer: There is a product called One Flush. There are three packets in each package. Take one packet out each month and just flush it. And that will be all you need to do to keep your system running smoothly. It’s the best because it has more enzymes than other products and it’s the most economical. Enjoy the lake this summer.

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