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Questions from Our Readers

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Questions from Our Readers

Question:  How does Root Kill work?  Do you pour it down your kitchen drain or where?  Three years ago, we had our toilet overflow because roots clogged our outgoing drain line.  We had to replace carpets and baseboards in several rooms.  Plus, we had our front yard dug up and master drain line replaced.  Very expensive.  Insurance covered part of the cost but I don’t want to go through that again.  Must be all the trees in my front yard.  I need something to prevent tree roots from clogging my mast pipe.


Answer:  Zep Root Kill is made from copper sulfate, and any product that is 99% copper sulfate will work also.  Root Kill comes in a convenient 2-pound container and you want to put ½ of a container in the toilet and flush...and then leave that toilet alone overnight.  The next night put the rest of the container in the toilet, flush and leave it alone for another night.  Root Kill is best when used routinely and is safe for septic systems. 


If you have a septic system the best way to maintain is to use a product called One Flush.  It has more enzymes than any other septic system product.  Just put one packet in the toilet each month and flush.  It will keep your system running smoothly with millions of enzymes.  Your fingers never touch the products and you can get a 3-month supply for less than $12.   



Question:  Good afternoon, what do you recommend for getting spots, stains, out of carpet?  What is the best solution that you recommend? I don’t see your column in our paper anymore!  Are you still publishing in the Houston Chronicle?


Answer:     What I would recommend is Folex, which is #1 rated on Amazon....not that impresses me, but my customers ask for it so I keep it on the shelf.  However, it's how you clean the spot that makes the difference.  Let me tell you what I mean.

Spray the spot, then use a plastic putty knife and pull in towards the middle of the stain.  Push the putty knife down so that you are reaching the bottom of the carpet fibers.  Keep pulling towards the middle of the stain....never rubbing out ....that way you are not spreading the stain.  Blot with a white towel.  Let dry.  If after it's dry you still see a shadow of a stain, repeat the process.

The reason that stains re-appear is that the stain reaches the bottom of the carpet fibers.  Most cleaning will just clean the top or spread the stain further.  If the roots   of the fibers are not clean, when you step in the area....the stain comes back up to the surface.  

And since you asked, the BEST carpet stain remover was called Herby's Fame.  But about eight years ago, the company warehouse burned to the ground.  And after that, I couldn't reach them.  So, if you are out there, Herby's Fame, we miss you and wish you would make your product again.


Question:  The material that is used for a porcelain sink at the connection to the Silestone countertop seems to have mold or mildew spots. There are also dark places where the back splash and countertop are joined. What can I use to remove those spots?  Thank you for your help. I look forward to your column.

 Answer: That dark substance is mildew.  The caulk that was used is made of silicone, and unfortunately silicone is a mildew magnet.  I have found one product that will clean it, but I don't think you can use it safely on Silestone.  The product is called RMR86.  It's great to clean silicone and rubber that have mildew. could only use it on ceramic tile or porcelain.  I think it would etch the Silestone.  You will have to remove the silicone caulk and replace it with Lexel clear sealant by Sascho.  I know that’s not what you want to hear, but it's the only thing I know will work.  







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