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New Microfiber from Libman

  • , by Trudy Chuoke Trudy Chuoke

If you are like me, you love microfiber cleaning cloths. My favorite is Ecloth. They are the Cadillac of microfiber cloths. And they are targeted cleaning cloths – some for glass and mirror, some for dusting, floors, stove top, bath, and kitchen. If you haven’t tried them, start with the one for dusting, it’s my favorite. I love the idea of just cleaning with water and without any chemicals. I have many E-Cloths, but I don’t like to use them for dirty cleaning projects. So, I was really thrilled to see the new Libman Tear’n and Wipe cloths at the latest Do It Best Show.


Tear ‘n Wipe cloths are microfiber on a roll just like paper towels. In fact, that is what Libman is proposing- these are a paper towel replacement. And for under $8 for a 15 count roll they seem perfect. At this price, you could throw them away if the job is messy. But they can be washed if you want to re-use for another cleaning job.


The first thing I did when I purchased these was remove my paper towels from the holder and replace them with Tear and Wipe. I really want to see how versatile these new cloths could be. Well, I used them exclusively for all my clean up jobs in the kitchen. From wiping down my wine glasses, (they made my crystal shine) to cleaning my stove top, wiping down my sink- these were great, and I rinsed them and re-used them for several days. Since I didn’t just throw them in the trash, made me feel good. I cleaned out my refrigerator shelves, wiped down my stainless-steel dishwasher and refrigerator and it left them spot free. But how well would they hold up for tougher jobs?


I used them in the bathroom to clean sinks, mirrors and polish up the faucets. And just like the dishwasher, it left no spots but a high gloss shine. I moistened two cloths, placed it long wise on my floor duster and they did a fantastic job picking up dust under the bed, behind the toilet, in the closet. All microfibers are magnets when it comes to dust. It’s the way that the fibers of the cloth are split.


They are great for cleaning the car. They will pick up dust and the film that is on the inside of the windshield. And since they are more than just paper, they held up so well. I dampened them and wiped down my steering wheel, information screen, center console, and dashboard. They are great for cleaning leather seats. I use a leather cleaner because my little Max leaves paw prints on my seats that don’t come off with water. I also apply Leather Salve on my seats- and this is where this cloth is so much better than a paper towel. And since it’s so reasonable- I can just throw it away.


Have a sweet toddler, put some in the backpack. Pack your lunch, use these instead of a napkin that you throw away. There are so many ideas- if you used a paper towel for the job- try Libman Tear’n Wipe microfiber cloths.


Email me and share what projects you use Libman Tear’n Wipe, and I will give you a gift and share it in the paper.


Now to a quick question….


Question: We just had our front door refinished and it looks amazing. Just like new. And so now, the handle set looks terrible. We didn’t notice it that much until the door looked great. It’s brass looking but there are some areas that are dark, like it needs polishing. So, what kind of polish should I use? The handle set works great, just looks crummy.

Answer: My guess is that your handle set is plated brass, not solid brass. So, you can try polishing your handle with a brass polish like Howards Brass Cleaner, or Hagerty 100, but my guess is the plating has worn off in areas of the handle and that’s what looks bad. But if the handle works well, you can just paint it!  Rustoleum spray paints make a metallic brown or black that would look perfect with your new looking front door. Call me and I will walk you through the project.



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