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New Floodlight for Phillips

  • , by Trudy Chuoke Trudy Chuoke

A couple of weeks ago I got to spend a wonderful time in Houston attending the Do It Best Show. While walking around looking at different booths I was thrilled to tell other attendees and vendors that I was from this wonderful state. And as predicted – this show was bigger than other shows, as if to remind everyone that “everything is bigger in Texas!” Plus, I was so pleased to see that vendors are finally more confident in the small business owner to start expanding their product lines. So, in the next few weeks, I will be sharing with you some new products, and improved existing lines.


My favorite part of my job as I have written about is to interact with my customers. Your projects and questions always intrigue me and send me searching for answers. And when I find the right answer, I am thanked whole heartily. Although, my dog Max is way more entertaining than I am and more popular. So, if you ask me any question about paint, staining, pest control, plumbing and I am confident we can find an answer. But when my customer says, “light bulbs” and I start heading towards aisle 17, I usually am in a panic state by the time we arrive. Light bulbs are forever changing. Many times, they introduce a new bulb only to discontinue it a month later. And although incandescent bulbs have been outlawed for over a year now, my customer will still bring in a bulb and want to replace it with incandescent.


So, when I went by the lighting aisle at Do It Best, I wanted to see if there was a new bulb that could make my customers happy. And Phillips has come out with a new bulb that I think you will be excited about. Many people have motion security lights in their back yard and alley way to discourage theft and vandalism. And when the sensor goes out on the fixture you must replace the fixture or the sensor. So that means you need get a ladder and take it down, and then re- install a new fixture. But Phillips has made a flood light bulb that is a motion detector bulb. Install it in any outdoor flood light fixture and now you have a motion detecting fixture that will illuminate an area if anyone or any animal comes within 23feet of the bulb. The light only comes on at low level light in combination with detected motion. Then the light will turn off when no motion is detected after 60 seconds. Since this soft white light bulb only comes on with motion, you are not disturbing your neighbors with constant light. The bulb life is around 13 years. So, it could be one of the last bulbs you need to buy. HA! It is a Par38 bulb, which is the larger flood, and it has a medium base. It should cost around $17. To compare, the least expensive motion detector fixture that I have is priced at $40. So, it really is a money saver. And so, I was happy to see that – because having light around your home shouldn’t be expensive.


Not to state any political affiliation, I got to see George Bush our 43rd president at the Do It Best Show. I must tell you he was the most entertaining and humble person. He was highly encouraging about our country. And in a time when most people want to say how sad things are, it was really refreshing.


Now to the email….

Question: I have an older car and the headlights look like there is moisture behind the lens. Well, I took it to my dealer, and you wouldn’t believe the price to replace both headlight lenses. I see those new polishing kits, which one do you recommend?

Answer: Magic Clear Lens is the product that will help you and will not cost anywhere close to the price of a new headlight. Plus, this is something that you can do yourself. Take a soft rag (100% cotton) shake the Magic Clear Lens and then tip the bottle on to the rag for about 1-2 seconds. This will be enough for one headlight. Wipe across the lens in one direction. This is a maintenance thing, so you will need to do this about once a month. Enjoy a clear headlight.




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