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Mosquito Relief

  • , by Trudy Chuoke Trudy Chuoke

Now Is the Time!

 Many of you know that I do a live radio show on Saturdays from the store that airs at 3pm on WOAI – which is 1200 AM on the dial.  I know this because you tell me, and then ask questions.  But did you know that we also post those shows on YouTube?  Yesterday I talked about outdoor pests, and I want to share it with you….because now is the time!

 Before the mosquito population gets completely out of hand, and you can’t enjoy the beautiful Texas mornings with your coffee and your bible, let me tell you how simple it is to keep mosquitoes under control in your yard.  Spartan Mosquito Eradicator is very economical and so easy to set up in your yard.  It’s pesticide free, requires no batteries or electricity….you just add water.  There will be 2 tubes in the box, and two lids and two hooks.  First remove the white lid and fill the tube with water to the water fill lever.  Put the white lid back on and shake, shake, shake.  Replace the white lid with the black lid then place the hook in the holes on top of the black lid.  Place your Spartan Eradicator in a tree about 20 or so feet away from where you like to be outside in the yard.  Why in the tree?  It keeps it shaded so the water doesn’t evaporate quickly.  As it heats up in June, July, and August, check the water level in the tube and add water if you need to.  This Spartan should last you 60 days.  After 60 days, replace it.  I have a small yard so I only use 1 tube at a time.  They also recommend placing the Spartan 80 feet away.  If I placed this 80 ft. away, I would be in my neighbor’s yard.  So, use some common sense and adjust this for your yard.  But that’s not all I do in my yard.

 Dyna Trap is an electric trap for biting insects.  So that means mosquitoes, flies, wasps, yellow jackets, moths, gnats….if it bites it will be attracted to Dyna Trap.  Why are they attracted?  They are attracted to the light, but the light combined with the coating on the inside of the trap creates CO2...human breath and the two together are just irresistible to a female mosquito.  When you attract the females, and reduce them, the population of mosquitoes dwindles.  It takes about two weeks to see a difference, but this trap will reduce your mosquitoes by 80%.  But Dyna Trap requires electricity, so you have to that available.  You need to keep the unit about 20 feet away and 5 ft up off the ground.  The only thing you have to replace yearly is the light.  Dyna Trap is an investment, but I have had one for 3 years and it still works well. 

 Now I know I’m telling you that it takes a little time for either of these products to start working in your yard.  So, what do you do for the time being?  I like Mosquito Beater.  It is a chemical, it’s not natural but it is safe after it dries.  Costs about $20 and while the weather is semi mild will last about 30 days.  But after the weather heats up, it will be good if it lasts for a week.  But for the two weeks that you are waiting for Spartan Eradicator and Dyna Trap to kick in, this is a great alternative. 

 Now there is a personal mosquito repellent spray that I really like.  It’s Medella Naturals.  A lemon grass-based spray that will naturally repel mosquitoes that you can use on pets and children.  And you won’t smell like a lemon grass plant, because they put a hint of vanilla in the mix so it has a nice light fragrance and it’s not sticky.  


So now you see how easy it is to make your backyard enjoyable.  Because if you can place Spartan in a tree, plug Dyna Trap in, and attach Mosquito Beater to your garden hose, you can do this!  Go to our  site, I will give you a discount on Spartan and send you a free sample of Medella (Mosquito Bundle).  I suggest you buy 2 Spartan cartons to last through the summer.







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