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  • , by Trudy Chuoke Trudy Chuoke

It seems like some of my best memories go back to a hardware show. My favorite show was The National Hardware Show in Chicago with my dad. We would scour the aisles looking for unusual products that would interest our customers and give Dad something new to talk about on the radio and write about in his columns. With us was his best friend Carl Wigglesworth, an extremely popular radio personality. I got to listen in on all their plans for advertising. Back then (cos I just went back 25 years) the vendors manning the booths at the show were the actual inventors and owners, not the polished and slick vendors that you see today. They might come in costume to attract people to their booths to introduce their products. And that’s the way it was with Motsenbocker’s Lift Off... he wore a wizard's outfit way before “Harry Potter” made it popular, and it got everyone’s attention. Including my dad.

Lift Off has several different formulas. One formula for tape and labels, one for ink, one for latex paint and one for graffiti removal. And they are all great. The first one I want to highlight is for tape and labels. How many of you buy a product, want to give it as a gift and then can’t get the silly price tag off? Or you are working on a paint project and have left the tape on too long, and it doesn’t want to release. Or worse, someone brings gum into your car, and now it’s in the carpet or fabric seats! Lift Off is the answer for all those projects. And here is the reason I like Lift Off- it is not a heavy solvent formula- it’s low VOC, and instead of melting down the adhesive and possibly spreading the sticky stains, Lift Off breaks the bond between the adhesive and the surface. And you can use it on poly carbonates, plastic, and laminates without any damage. Remove all the tags on those wonderful acrylic glasses that you like having by the pool, without damage.

Has someone put a pen in a pocket, and it leaves a mess. Did your Van Gogh grandchild use a marker on the wall, or your furniture? Did someone drip nail polish on your countertop? Did you place a sign on property only to have someone mark it up? Lift Off Pen, Ink and Marker Stain Remover is the perfect answer for all those problems. This formula is water-based and biodegradable. This Lift Off formula can also be used as a laundry pre-treatment. Spray the clothing and let it sit for 60 seconds and then rinse – if it’s a tough stain you can repeat. Always remember to blot stains- don’t rub and spread the stains.

We carry two more formulas, One for Graffiti and Spray Paint and one for Latex Paint Removal. These formulas work exactly like the other two, they are water-based and biodegradable. These formulas will break the molecular bond with the stained surface. Lift Off is a family-owned business and made in the USA- whoo hoo! You should be able to find them at your local hardware store, but as always, these quality products are proudly sold on our website….


Now to a quick email….


Question: I have a friend that didn’t smoke in my car, however his clothing reeked and now my car smells like a cigar factory. I have tried cleaning the carpets, spraying Febreze and still when it heats up in the car, you can smell the odor. I priced the cost of detailing the car and well, before I do that, I was wondering if you might know of something that would work.

Answer: Oh, sure this is easy. Two products that will completely neutralize the odor. First an Air Sponge placed under the seats works well. Use a small ½ pound container, lift the lid and place it under the seat. It will have a clean smell, like soap. Then use Bio Zapp on all the soft surfaces. The carpet, the fabric seats, the head liner, and I would also spray the trunk. It might take a day- but those two products will take care of the problem. For future trips with your friend, suggest you take his car- or spray him down with Bio Zapp before he gets in your car. I know you can suggest that …...tactfully.


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