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K9 Corrector for Yard

  • , by Trudy Chuoke Trudy Chuoke

A few months ago, I had a question from a very frustrated customer. Her problem was that she had big dogs that she let outside in her yard, and her lawn suffered with large, yellowed areas. I don’t have that problem because my dog is a tiny 10 pounds and what he does in my yard can be measured in milliliters instead of quarts. Luckily for me the Do It Best show was right on the horizon, and I went with questions that I and my customer needed answering.

I am going to be completely honest; my yard is no big deal. It has grass, a few trees, and some no- name bushes that the builder must have bought by the truck load because all my neighbors have them also. So, when customers ask me pointed questions about landscaping, I usually outsource the answers. At the Do It Best show I walked carefully down the lawn and garden area looking for the answer to yellow spots caused by pet urine. And Turf Titan provided the answer called K9 Correcter.

I was happy to find it in a convenient hose end applicator. The container will cover 6000 sq. ft. It’s not a chemical, so it’s safe around pets and children even before it’s dry. I would let it dry because I don’t want it tracked inside my home. K9 Correcter is for damaged yellowed areas of the yard from pet urine. If you have completely dead spots, well you will have to reseed or drop a square of grass in the dead area.

This product is also a preventative, and that’s where K9 works best. Shake the product well before use. Hook your K9 up to the hose and slide the thumb activation switch to ON and turn the water on at a low to medium flow. Move quickly and cover the entire lawn evenly. You want to spray the whole yard and not just the areas where you are having the yellowing because this is a preventative along with maintenance. You will need to water the lawn for 20 minutes afterwards.

A couple of things to keep in mind. This formula has a yellow tint and an odor. The odor is from microbial strains and other things I can’t pronounce. But I looked them up. Bottom line, it helps the soil and the grass play nice together, so you get a beautiful green lawn. For best results apply this in the cool of the morning or after 5 in the afternoon and the temperature is about 50 degrees. This will be a continued maintenance job if your dogs are in the yard. This product also gets rid of urine odor in the yard. And it’s made in the USA! You can find it on our website, www.happyhandyman.com or at a local hardware store or lawn and garden store.

By the time you see this article it will be right before Thanksgiving. I hope you are around friends and family enjoying a great meal. I will be in Alpine Texas spending a quick trip with my daughter, son-in-law, and my favorite granddaughter Everly Jo. We will be putting up a pink Christmas tree in her room before I head back to San Antonio. I hope you have lots to be thankful for this year, I know I do. My mom is doing well at 90. (I can post this because she never reads my article, HA!) I work with an amazing group of employees doing what I love. I would love to hear what you are thankful for, send me an email to happyhandyman2@yahoo.com.

Would you like more tips and tricks…. listen to The Happy Handyman Show on Saturdays at WOAI 1200 AM from 3-3:30pm or live streaming on Facebook.

Now for a quick question….

Question:  Marie in San Antonio questioned me about painting with a brush or using a roller?

Answer: Prep is most of the work getting a smooth finish on projects. Clean with Krud Kutter, sand with 220 sanding sponge, remove the dust, and then prime. There is a microfiber roller that I just used made by Whizz for smooth surfaces that I liked. It has a covered end that is great for corners, and it can be used for all paints. You will find it easily in your paint store because it’s Purple. Good luck with your project.



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