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Instant Power Tank Cleaner

  • , by Trudy Chuoke Trudy Chuoke

The wonderful part about being in the hardware business for over 40 years is that I remember when….when the product was newly launched, the original owners, and how excited they were when they told you about the product.  So, I have to be careful not to sound like some old dude sitting out on his porch saying “I remember when”…. But when it comes to Instant Power Tank Cleaner….well I do remember when, and the original product was called “Hurri Clean”.  The owner was a young family man with a great invention.  It wasn’t too long after he launched it at the National Hardware Show that it was picked up by Instant Power, and that’s how we know the product today. 

 Instant Power Tank Cleaner is simply just that…a tank cleaner…a safe tank cleaner.  Why a tank cleaner?  I mean no one goes in your bathroom, lifts up the lid on the tank and notices the stains on the tank walls.  But those stains on the tank wall go much farther than just the tank.  They will migrate into the toilet bowl and leave streaks of dark stains from either well water, rust or mildew.  You can clean the bowl of those stains, but wouldn’t it be great to get to the root of the problem? 

 Using Instant Power is so easy.  Each container has enough product to clean two tanks.  Lift the lid of the tank, and if have any bleach cleaner in the tank…...remove it…and don’t put one back in.  Shake half of the product into the tank.  It will foam up.  And then just leave it over night to work.  It says six hours, but I like to let my cleaner work over night. 

 The next morning just lift the lid of the tank.  Be prepared to be amazed.  For a product that requires no work, it truly is impressive.  You might have to add it to your cleaning maintenance because if your water stains, well it will continue.

 But what about the stains that have migrated down into the bowl?  Take care of those using Delete Germ and a Flexi Scour.  It’s the best bowl cleaner duo that I know.  If you haven’t heard of a Flexi Scour, go check it out on the website  It’s a flexible screening material that is covered in pumice.  Being flexible it’s great to get all underneath of the rim and down the bowl.  They are reasonably priced and will last you about three cleanings.   

 Now to the email……

 Question:  I have an Austin Cut Stone home.  I have developed mildew stains on one side of the home and not on the other sides.  So, I want to clean it off before it gets too hot.  What would you suggest?

Answer:  The best outdoor cleaner that requires no scrubbing is 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner.  The more economical size is still the concentrated gallon.  Mix it ½ and ½ with water and put it in a pump-up sprayer.  Start with a dry surface, and then start spraying the stain.  It cleans faster when you start with a dry surface.  Let it work a bit and then rinse with clear water.  Let dry.  If you still have a shadow of a stain, repeat.  Good Luck! 


Question:  We bought a new home...well new to us.  It came with all the appliances.  My wife is a tremendous cleaner.  And she wants to tackle the dishwasher.  What’s the best way to get it nice and clean?

Answer:  Dishwasher Magic.  It’s so easy.  I like to turn on the water in the kitchen sink and let the water get hot.  Turn off the water and remove the cap of Dishwasher Magic.  Now place Dishwasher Magic in the top rack of the dishwasher.  Don’t puncture the plug.  Turn your dishwasher to Pots and Pans.  This is the longest and the hottest cycle of the appliance.  This will give the Dishwasher Magic plenty of time to clean out all the jets and sprayers of the dishwasher.  I too had a new to me dishwasher and when I cleaned it – it just sparkled when the cycle was done.   Once your dishwasher is clean,  it will do a great job of cleaning your dishes.  



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