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Hagerty 100

  • , by Trudy Chuoke Trudy Chuoke

I am going to the Do It Best Show in just a few weeks. It is in Indianapolis. I almost do not want to tell you how excited I am that it is so cool there. And the restaurants, St. Elmos and Harry and Izzy’s- and I get to do it all AND learn about new products in the hardware world. I am reminded about the product called Hagerty 100. Let me tell you a little story.

 Many years ago, All Gleam was the metal polish we like to recommend because it had a tarnish preventative. In other words, you could polish your metal and it would stay polished for a year. No one product did that! You could use it on any metal from aluminum to stainless steel. It was targeted for outdoor use around the water for boats. All that chrome on boats and docks could look beautiful with All Gleam. The owner nearing mid-nineties decided to sell to a younger owner. And then quickly he died, taking the formula for All Gleam with him. And all we were left with was the existing stock. Which did not last long.

 While at the Do It Best show I was strolling through a smaller area and looked at Hagerty products. Hagerty makes this amazing chandelier cleaner that I love. Check it out sometimes and see how uniquely it will clean. But I was interested in the pennies he was cleaning, so I asked him about the polish he was using. He told me about this metal polish and all the metals that it would clean. Which is nothing new because they all do. Asking him what was special about this polish he said that this polish had a tarnish preventative. Now, he had my full attention! Finally, a substitute for All Gleam.

 So, what can this product help you with? Use it on any metal. If you have decorative pieces, like trays, bowls, utensils you can polish and then not have to polish again for a year or more. If you have decorative outdoor metal like door hardware, lamps and tables with metal legs, this polish will really hold up. And of course, you can use it out by the water on your boats and docks. It is super concentrated, and it has three different tarnish and corrosive inhibitors that I have not seen in other polishes. It will clean off tarnish, rust, dirt, corrosion, and hard water stains. It is the only metal polish you need.

Now if you are not sure if your metal is plated, then try this polish on the back of a piece before using it on the front. Not all plated pieces are the same. Metal polishes take off a layer of metal and that is why your piece will look so good.

 Would you like to see “The Happy Handy Man Show?” Go to the website and pull up the article and you will be able to follow a link to see the show.

 Now to the email….,.

 Question: I have an elderly cat and she is evidently mad at me. She marked one of my favorite chairs. I am wondering if Bio Zapp that you write about will neutralize the odor. There is also a stain, and I am curious to know what stain remover you would suggest.

Answer: The Bio Zapp people do make a product for exactly this. It is called Kitty Stop. I am proud of this product because they let me name the product. Although Bio Zapp makes Kitty Stop it is different in formulation than the general Bio Zapp. Regular Bio Zapp takes care of all odors and after repeated use takes care of cat odor. But they have a different formula that targets cat odor. Cats have different enzymes in their urine. It is that enzyme that produces long luxurious cat fur. The longer the car fur the stronger the enzyme. And the stronger the odor. So do yourself a favor and use the Kitty Stop on the chair for the odor. She will not be drawn back to it either. It might take a couple of uses of the product. Be patient. For the stain, use Folex. Spray and blot with a white towel. Do not rub the stain, it will spread the stain. Both products are on the website.

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