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Go Mist and Be Cool

  • , by Trudy Chuoke Trudy Chuoke

When my daughter was in sports during the summer it was always so hot.  I would remind her to take plenty of water and stay in the shade as much as possible.  I would be up in the stands and elbow-to- elbow with all the other sweating.  What I would have given for the product I am going to tell you about in this article. 


You all know that I go to the National Hardware Show in Vegas every year.  Well, this year, I didn’t make it.  But I received so much great info from new vendors and new products.  Go Mist is one of those products.  It’s a water tumbler, but with a misting action built in.  It was invented by a gentleman who wanted to go hiking and explore the Sahara.  He wanted to invent a product that would be a mixture of a cooling mist and ventilation that would keep you comfortable in the most challenging of situations.  I would call the Sahara just exactly that. 


Well, you don’t have to be wanting to hike the Sahara – shoot you could just want to play golf!  Or you might want to walk in the park, or exercise at your club.  Maybe you are working out in your garden or  barbequing for your family.  Last week I watched so many young mothers and babies at a swim meet.  Those kids in the water were cool, but the mammas were not. 


There have been water bottles that have a misting action, this is not new.  But you have to pump them, manually.  The Go Mist bottle allows you to drink cold water and have a cooling mist all at the same time.  With the press of a button, you can enjoy many hours of cooling comfort.  It has a regular mist and a turbo mist.  Or if you are thirsty, just open the lid and enjoy cold water. It’s a two-in-one bottle of cooling comfort.


After all day at the beach or pool just recharge your GoMist bottle and be ready for the next adventure.  I find these bottles easy to hold with the powder coated finish.  It comes in 3 colors, black, white and teal.  It has a convenient fold-away handle for carrying.  It’s double-walled vacuum-insulated, bottle will be tough enough for even a toddler. 


I think about all the time my husband told me about having a heat stroke when he played tennis for the Aggie team.  He was always sensitive to the heat after that.  And if you have someone who loves sports despite the temperature outside this would be a perfect gift.   With the temperatures hitting over 100 the last few days, this GoMist seems like a good idea.  Shoot you might just need it to walk out to the car from the grocery store! 


Now to the email…..


Question:  My dad uses a cane to steady himself while he walks around.  He is constantly going through rubber cane tips because the metal of the cane just slices through them.  Do you have any tips to make them last longer or are there heavy duty cane tips?

Answer:  One special employee who used a cane while at work, showed me this trick.  In a new cane tip place a metal washer to fit down into the tip and then push it back on the cane.  That way the metal of the cane doesn’t come in contact with the rubber.  Your cane tip should be good for thousands of steps longer using this tip from my friend Rich!


Question:  I have moths in my closet and they are eating little holes in all my clothes.  Is there a moth trap that works and how do I use it.

Answer:  Terro makes a Moth Clothes Alert.  It will lure in the moths and keep them out of your clothing.  It’s a new trap for Terro and it will be on our site next week.


Question:  Why is it that smoke and carbon monoxide detectors always go off at 3am in the morning.  Is there another kind of alarm that I don’t have to climb on a ladder to replace the alarm?

Answer:  Yes!  First Alert makes one that just plugs into the wall.  Easy to get to and easy to replace, even at 3AM in the morning. 

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