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Fresh Cube Technology

  • , by Trudy Chuoke Trudy Chuoke

Buying groceries is a big part of my budget. It used not to be years ago, but groceries these days are right up there with making a car payment. Maybe you are feeling the pinch too. I don’t like it, but my guess is that the prices for groceries will not be going down anytime soon. So, when I have to throw out fresh produce, and I never even ate one piece of it, that really pains me. I think of how much that container of grapes cost, or that convenient bag of lettuce and then when I throw it out, I just see all these $$$ signs going before my eyes. Then I clean out my refrigerator I go to the grocery store to buy it all again, and then my life gets busy, and I throw it out again. Is that the scenario at your home?

I love fresh fruit, fresh veggies, and I like to buy organic when I can. But I hate wasting money. My favorite articles for my readers are when I can save you money. But that was not what I had on my mind when I approached a booth at the Do It Best show last September. No, what I was interested in was the bird feeders that had cameras on the inside so you can watch a birdy show when they come to feed. But while I was listening to the vendor my eyes veered to a small container at the corner of his booth. I bought the bird feeders, and then asked about the little container called Fresh Cube. It was at the same time that the housewares representative from Do It Best was there, and she just raved about Fresh Cube. Well, that caught me off guard because since I have been a member at Do It Best, I can tell you that just doesn’t happen – the reps are careful about what they say about a product, so not to show favoritism. But she told me that she had used Fresh Cube for about a couple of months, and it had saved her so much money. Her fruit lasted in her refrigerator for over three weeks. Well now she had my complete attention.

So why is Fresh Cube different? Because I have tried them all. The bags, the containers, the liners, the matts, they just didn’t work for me. But Fresh Cube converts and filters ethylene gas that comes from ripening fruits and vegetables extending the freshness up to 4 – 6 weeks. Have you ever bought one of those lettuce salad packages? You know how that are kind of puffy when you buy them, well that’s because the lettuce is emitting this ethylene gas causing the bag to swell. Just because they pick the fruits and vegetables, doesn’t mean the food quits ripening, no that process continues. So, when everything ripens faster than you can eat have to throw it out. But what if you could keep your food longer and it would still taste fresh? And what if that meant you could save about $20 a week on your grocery bill? It would add up….do the math, it’s a big number. And for a family of four, it could be a bigger number.

And Fresh Cube is so easy to use. You just peel off the label and place it in the middle of your refrigerator. Then make sure all the containers of fruits and veggies are open. So, open the lettuce and carrot packages. If your cucumbers are sealed – take off the wrapping. Open up the grapes bag. Make sure all the containers of berries have openings so that Fresh Cube can keep them fresh. You want a laugh, I thought all those holes were so I could rinse them once I got them from the store, no, they are to let the gasses escape.

And Fresh Cube will last for 90 days. I put a date on mine. So, I know when to pitch it. Fresh Cube comes two to a pack, so you have enough for 6 months. I am going to give my extra one to my mom, she is always throwing out food.

I really want you to try this, so I went out and checked out all the pricing on Fresh Cube. I have priced Fresh Cube on our site 15% lower than regular retail. Enjoy!

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