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Freeze Miser

  • , by Trudy Chuoke Trudy Chuoke


A couple of weeks back I talked to you about how temperamental the weather can be in South Texas. We were talking about Thermo Cube and quite a few of you have ordered. But I want to remind you about outdoor faucet protection. Maybe you use foam faucet covers which are the most economical. However, they are not the most versatile.

 Freeze Miser is faucet freeze protection that can be used on outdoor hoses, exterior faucets, water troughs, water wells and gardens. Plus, it’s easy to install. Just attach it to the faucet like you attach a garden hose. And if you attach a Y connector first, you can keep your garden hose attached for watering when we go from in the 40’s for a few days and then back to the 80’s for a week. When you attach a faucet cover, you must remove it and screw your hose back in place. Then when you have finished watering, remove the hose and place the cover back on the faucet. What I like about Freeze Miser, is how I can have a watering hose attached to the outdoor faucet and Freeze Miser and still have complete freeze protection. When you purchase your Freeze Miser, also purchase a Y connector. Do It Best has metal ones, and they hold up longer and are not as affected by the cold and freezing weather.

 Attach the Y to the outdoor faucet. Attach your hose to one side, and Freeze Miser to the other. There is a shutoff for each side of the Y. On the side where you attach Freeze Miser open the shutoff. Turn off the shutoff for the side where you attach your garden hose. Now turn on the water. Now, fully open the faucet. On the days that you want to water with your hose, just switch the shutoff to close the Freeze Miser, and open the hose side so you can water your plants. Then when you have finished, switch and close the hose side and open the side to Freeze Miser.

 So, I get asked this question all the time, how does Freeze Miser work? I know I asked the same question because it looks like a plumbing cartridge. But the inside of Freeze Miser is engineered to detect water temperature--not the air temperature. So, it could be freezing outside, but the water temperature is not. But when the water temperature reaches below 37 degrees there is a thermal wax inside Freeze Miser that will contract and allow the water to drip. The most economical drip so you don’t waste water. And the colder it gets, the more it drips, so your pipes don’t freeze. When the temperature goes back up, the wax in Freeze Miser will expand and stop the drip. See it’s easy, and it will save you money on broken pipes, the hassle of being without water, and the expense of calling a plumber.

 You will need to place Freeze Miser on every outdoor faucet. They come in a two pack that will save you about a little. They are on the website.

 I had a couple of questions from the store. This first one I get every Christmas season. And I want to share it with you. It has to do with installing Christmas lights. My customer was looking for a female-to-female adapter that would take the end of his lights and allow him /her to plug into the outdoor socket, so two male ends. That won’t work and they don’t make them. The only answer is to go to the other end of the lights where you do have a plug end and plug into a socket from that side. So how does this happen? They start putting up lights from the wrong end. So, plug your lights in before you even start putting them up around the house. That way this doesn’t happen to you because it’s frustrating.

The next question involved a door that would not stay open. My customer was looking for a door stop. But I suggested taking out the middle hinge pin. Taking two pliers and roughing up the pin by rubbing them back and forth. Then place the pin back in place. The roughed-up pin will keep the door in place.

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