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Drive Up Super Cleaner

  • , by Trudy Chuoke Trudy Chuoke

Oil stains on concrete are difficult to remove. Concrete is like a sponge and if you have a stain on the surface, you can’t just wipe it off because it goes down into the concrete. So how do you remove a stain that goes down below the surface? You use a product called “Drive Up Super Cleaner.”


The name of Drive Up makes great sense. This product goes down below the surface of the concrete and drives up the stain so that you can clean it off the surface of the concrete. So, if you have an eyesore of an oil stain in your driveway or carport and garage, let me give you some tips on using Drive Up.


First of all, start with a dry concrete, Drive Up will work better and faster on dry concrete. And don’t dilute Drive Up, use it in the concentrated formula. Now with those things nailed down, let’s start cleaning. I transfer Drive Up from the gallon to an easy-to-use spray container. I put enough in the spray bottle to cover the stain four times. I spray the concrete and completely cover the stain with Drive Up. I leave it to work for 15 minutes and then I go back and spray it again and then every 15 minutes for an hour. I don’t want the stain to dry out – that’s what has worked the best for me. Then the last time I spray the stain, I give it a quick scrub with a broom. Then I rinse it off. I don’t use a high-pressure hose; I just use a “Lil Big Shot” handle attached to a garden hose. Once the concrete is rinsed off and the concrete completely dry, if you still see a shadow of a stain left, then repeat the process.


You can also use Drive Up to clean up car parts if you are working on an engine. You can clean the tires and rims. If you have an outdoor kitchen, use it to clean the grill. If you have a brick-and-mortar store, you know how dirty the floors can become. Use Drive Up mixed 4 to 1 to clean floors. It works especially well for the tile floors in the bathroom.


Drive Up Super Cleaner is a biodegradable product made in the USA. You can feel confident in using it around pets and children. And there is no damage done to your lawn when rinsing off your driveway. You can find Drive Up on our website, and we can ship right to you.


Now to the email…..


Question: I bought a glass cake stand at an estate sale. It has this yellow stain on the stand, and I tried vinegar and baking soda, and it didn’t budge. I am sending you a picture and would love to know what you think will remove the stain. Thanks for all your help.

Answer: Thank you for the picture, it looks like a grease stain to me. Try a little Dawn and a Scotch Brite scrubbing pad and see if that will remove the stain. Good Luck!


Question: I’m going north to spend the next few hot months where it is cooler. Is it safe to leave Delete Germ in the toilet bowl if I leave water in the bowl?

Answer: Absolutely yes and in fact it’s a great idea because Delete Germ will go down below the water line and clean the line, loosening any hard water deposits there. Whenever I leave, even for a show I will put Delete Germ in the bowl, and let it clean below the water line. A clean toilet flushes better.


Question: What was the towel you talked about from Libman that was on a roll like paper towels?

Answer: Oh, my goodness it is Libman Tear and Wipe and I love them. Right after I wrote about them in the Houston paper – our Do It Best Warehouse was completely out of stock. I was so frustrated. But we are back in stock, and I have plenty. It’s great for cleaning and painting projects and the best part is they are washable. So, I am not throwing away paper towels all the time. I take my lunch every day and put one in the lunch bag to use as a napkin. Grab a couple of rolls – they are so versatile and extremely reasonable for a microfiber cloth.

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