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Drain Maintenance

  • , by Trudy Chuoke Trudy Chuoke

Maintenance on Drains


Many of you know I do a live radio show on WOAI every Saturday afternoon at 3pm. We also stream it live on Facebook, and I would love for you to join me and give me a wave. When I introduce the show, I tell them my store is 11,000 sq. feet of everything you need for maintenance around your home. It’s something that I do while I am adjusting sound levels and my Facebook camera. At 69 years of age, that Facebook camera needs to be just perfect- HA!


But yesterday while I was preparing for the show, I thought about maintenance and how important it is. Would you go years without going to the dentist, the optometrist, or your GP for a quick update on your health? Of course not, and you shouldn’t neglect your home. Life gets busy and targeted maintenance can be put on the back burner. But maintenance is so much cheaper, and less stressful than waiting until only a professional can do the job. So, let’s pick an easy starter project.


Maintaining clear running drains is simple. Why wait until the water in the shower is around your ankles before you address what started out as a sluggish drain? Let me give you some suggestions for products that are safe and inexpensive.


Green Gobbler- the drain products with the silly name. This product cleans drains with enzyme power. It seems that everything has enzymes now. With Green Gobbler, enzyme action breaks down all the organic matter that builds up on your drain walls. It breaks it down so that these particles are smaller and when you run water down the drain, they move down the drain to larger sewer lines giving you a smooth-running drain. They make two products that I have experience with. Green Gobbler Drain Opening Power Packs that come three packages to the container. They also include a clog remover tool that you can use to carefully remove any hair before using the cleaner. Remember when using this tool to remove it gently and carefully from the drain. The drain cleaner is prepackaged, bio-degradable and safe on plumbing and septic systems. It has very little odor, however what it is breaking down might have an odor. So, if you have a window, open it up. If getting a granule down your plumbing drain fixture is difficult, they make a liquid in the same formula. Green Gobbler is my #1 choice.


Drain Out is also a great choice. And they make two liquid formulas, which address two different kinds of drains. And this makes so much sense to me. Different drains have different problems. Bathroom drains usually are slowed by hair and soap. So why not use a cleaner targeted for those drains? They also make a drain cleaner for kitchens which targets grease, fats, and oil. They are very safe for plumbing. Starting with a clear sink, pour ½ a bottle down the drain, let sit for 15-30 minutes and then flush with hot water. You can repeat.


I like to use a drain cleaner about once every 90 days, but of course it’s just me at home. If you have a house full of family still at home, I suggest every 30 days.


But what if you have waited too long and you must use a chemical, well, this is what I suggest. Use Liquid Fire. This drain opener is readily available at most hardware stores. It is sulfuric acid based and you need to be careful. It is safe on PVC plastic pipes but it is hard on metal pipes. You will need gloves and eye protection, so you don’t get any of the product on your skin. It will etch any metal, like your drain fixtures. I would not use it on any stainless kitchen sink. But you can use it in toilets, porcelain sinks and tubs, and drains in ceramic showers. Follow all directions carefully. Ventilate the bathroom because there will be a smell. If this doesn’t open the drain, call a professional. Please tell them that you have used an acid because they will use a “snake” to clear the clog and that acid will come back on them. But bottom line…...take care of a sluggish drain and avoid unnecessary aggravation and cost.




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