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Dishwasher Care

  • , by Trudy Chuoke Trudy Chuoke

Dishwasher Care


Last week we talked about maintenance on plumbing drains. And as fate would have it, I noticed that my shower drain was a little backed up this morning. I just hope I take my own advice, and when I get home today I will use Green Gobbler to get my shower drain clear. But this week I want to tackle an appliance that usually doesn’t get much attention, your dishwasher.


If you’re like me, your dishwasher gets a workout. I cook every night and almost everything I cook with goes in the dishwasher. I load, I put in detergent, punch in the wash cycle I want and slam the door shut. Then I go put my feet up and expect everything to come out sparkling and clean. And most of the time it does, but when it doesn’t…. what do you do?


Making sure your dishwasher is clean is the best way to ensure that it leaves your dishes and glassware sparkling and smelling fresh. The easy way to get that done is to use Dishwasher Magic. Made by Glisten, Dishwasher Magic powerfully removes limescale, grease, rust and other buildup created by hard water detergent and food particles. Over time this buildup will affect how well the dishwasher cleans and will build up bacteria. This product is easy, let me tell you how easy.


In an empty dishwasher, place a cleaner in the top rack with the cap removed. You will notice a cloudy plug in the top of the container. Do NOT puncture the plug, it is there for a reason. Now select the pots and pans cycle for your dishwasher and the hottest water cycle. The little plug will dissolve when the water is hot. This leaves Dishwasher Magic working in the dishwasher longer which will clean out the most hidden places in your dishwasher. It will remove food particles from all the jets, tubes and pipes while disinfecting your dishwasher and leaving it running like new.


If you have an older dishwasher and the racks have rusty bare spots, you could go to the expense of replacing the racks, or you can maintain and repair the racks with ReRack by Plasti Dip.


ReRack forms a durable, flexible, and dishwasher-safe coating that adheres seamlessly to the rack’s surface. This not only gives the look of a new rack but also acts as a protective barrier, preventing rust and corrosion that could compromise the integrity of the dishwasher.

ReRack comes in a convenient brush-on formula, allowing you to apply the coating precisely to the worn or damaged areas of the dishwasher racks. The self-leveling properties of the product provide a smooth and even finish, effectively covering imperfections and providing a uniform appearance.

ReRack contributes to the longevity of dishwasher racks, saving you the cost and inconvenience of replacing them. The protective coating helps resist the harsh detergents and high water temperatures typically encountered in dishwasher cycles, ensuring that the racks withstand daily use. ReRack can manage temperatures of -30ºF up to 200ºF, making it a long-term solution for dishwasher rack durability. ReRack is found at hardware stores and on our website.

Now one more thing, if you are getting a smell inside the dishwasher after cleaning….it might be a different problem. Open the doors of the cabinet attached to the dishwasher and you will see a hose that is coming from the water supply going to the dishwasher. This hose should either have a loop in it or be attached up high on the inside of the cabinet. This is so you don’t get any back flow which might have food particles back into the dishwasher.


Now to the email…..


Question: How does Zep Root Kill work? Do you pour it down your kitchen drain? A few years ago we had our toilets overflow because roots were clogging our outgoing drain line. It was an extremely expensive experience. I need something to prevent tree roots from clogging my master pipe.

Answer: Zep Root Kill is made from 99 % copper sulfate. It’s the copper sulfate that will kill the hairline roots that get into the septic lines and cause the problem. But it will not bother your trees. In the evening, put 1 pound of Root Kill in a toilet and flush. Leave that toilet along that night. The next night repeat the process. I would do this about every 6 months. Good question.

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