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Cost Saving Ideas with Fiber-Lok

  • , by Trudy Chuoke Trudy Chuoke

Many of you know that I do a live radio show each Saturday on WOAI 1200 at 3pm. We also stream it live on Facebook, and then post it out on YouTube. I had some wonderful readers that came in from the Katy area that had a question, and just like that I changed the direction of my radio show and I want to share some info with you today.

 They have a rug set in their extra bathroom and they have lost some of the backing on the rug from just washing and drying. They love this rug set because it goes with everything in the bathroom. But it’s not safe because it will slide across the tile. Could they buy a new set? Sure. But if they still like this rug and it coordinates, why spend money to purchase a new rug if you can make it safe again.

 Fiber-Lok makes a non-skid rug backing that can be applied to old or new rugs. It goes on like a rubberized paint smoothly with a throw away foam brush or a chip brush. Don’t worry about skill level, it’s easy to do. Let’s get started.

 If you are working with an older rug that has some existing rubber backing, remove any loose backing. Open the Fiber- Lok and I would suggest working outdoors where you have ventilation. Fiber-Lok has a strong ammonia smell that dissipates quickly. Turn the rug over and smooth it out. If it’s a small area rug, like a bathroom rug, paint the entire area in a thin coat of Fiber-Lok. If you have a large rug I would start with a big X on the back and then fill it in. Once the single coat is dry, then you can apply another thin coat to the back of your rug. Clean your brush with COLD water and liquid soap. Using hot water to clean your brush will make the Fiber-Lok set up. And then you will have to use a new brush.

 Your Fiber-Lok coating with be longer lasting than the original rubber backing and will not peel off. You can wash and dry your rug after 48 hours. Your new backing will keep edges down and will keep the rug from wrinkling, preventing tripping hazards. It will also protect floors from scratching. But there are other uses for Fiber-Lok.

 Have a new toddler learning to walk? Put the Fiber-Lok on the bottom of the feet of their onesie. You can also put it on the back of house shoes and socks. An easy way to paint the socks is to put a plastic soda bottle in the sock or onesie to give you a smooth surface to apply Fiber-Lok. If you do handmade work like hook rugs or wall hangings you can lock down fibers to keep them from unraveling with Fiber-Lok. Since it dries clear you won’t be able to see it.

 Have any questions? Go to the website or give me a call at the store….210-341-1573.

 Now to the email….

 Question: We are putting our house on the market, and I was going to have our maple cabinets painted. The realtor suggested not to paint but to leave them natural because it is coming back in style. I want to clean the cabinets, cover up some scratches and worn areas. What should I use?

Answer: Great questions! And it is such an easy, economical project. Clean the cabinets with Holloway House Wood Cleaner. You will love it! It will remove all the oil and dirt built up on the cabinets. Then use Restor-A-Finish in the color closest to your cabinet color. Don’t worry if it’s not a perfect match, Restor is very forgiving. Apply the product with a soft rag. Let dry. Then apply another coat. Remember use thin coats. After the cabinets are dry, apply Feed-N-Wax. Use a soft rag. Then polish the finish of the cabinets with another soft rag. Feed-N-Wax will protect the finish of the cabinets and give them a soft glow. You will love the finish and will the lucky people who buy your home. This project will cost you less than $ 35 and about two hours depending on how many cabinets that you have. Good Luck.




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