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Clearing out the Stink Part II

  • , by Trudy Chuoke Trudy Chuoke

Last week we started this conversation about stinky odors and this week we are going to continue. This week the article will delve more deeply into specific areas of the home. Areas where you wouldn’t expect an odor to linger. Like wood cabinets.

 Last week I told you the home I moved into and renovated was owned by a smoker. A serious smoker. In fact, when I went to look at the home, I noticed there were signs posted on the glass by the door that said, “No Smoking, oxygen in use.” So, imagine my surprise when the owner opened the door and had a lit cigarette carefully tittering on the edge of his lip and a pack of Marlboro hidden in his front shirt pocket. His name was Mr. Young, and he was 91. He was a cut-up. Let me tell you a quick story. While he was giving me the “50 cent tour” of his house, he would tell me how he would leave me the refrigerator, (it was ancient) the stove, (it was older than the refrigerator) and the washer and dryer if I bought the house. I didn’t want them, but I didn’t tell him that--I really wanted the house. So, we went to the garage because I wanted to see how large it was. He opens the back door to the garage and there was this old dusty sedan BUT next to it was a bright and shiny brand-new red Mustang convertible. Yep!! He looks me straight in the eye and tells me, “That car is mine and I’m not giving that to you!” Well, I laughed so hard, and so did he and it started a long series of haggling which I think he did just to see if he could.

But back to my home and the mysterious odor that plagued me for so many months. I replaced everything that would hold an odor in that house. And I never could smell this odor, which smelled like smoke until the house had been closed for a couple of days when I was traveling. It was so frustrating. One Monday night when I was cooking, I leaned down into a cabinet replacing a pan I had used to cook with – and then I smelled it. Smoke odor in the wood cabinets in the kitchen. I was so relieved to finally find out where it was, but how was I going to fix it without tearing out the cabinets?

When I went to work the next day, I went to the paint department and found a primer. Not just any primer but an odor killing primer made by Zinsser. Zinsser makes a lot of very targeted primers, binding primers, problem surface primers and the one for odor. That night I went home and painted the inside of the cabinets with the Zinsser and the odor finally stopped. So, if you have odors in furniture, antiques or cabinets, this clear primer is what you need to use. Now another suitable alternative for antiques is the salve by Wise Owl Paint. You can use it on all the drawers and the inside drawer slides. They have different fragrances, and they are easy to apply with a brush or t-shirt rag.


I have talked about a lot of odor solvers, and they are all chemical. So, what if you don’t want to use a chemical, do you have a good alternative? The answer is yes.  Fresh Wave is an all-natural odor neutralizer. Fresh Wave comes in a detergent, odor removing packs, vacuum pearls, gel, and a spray. The ingredients include pine, lime, cedar, clove, anise, and water. But this product works the same way as the chemicals. It finds the odor; it binds the odor and then leaves no odor behind. Starting in the landfill business to rid strong odors, Fresh Wave now is used safely in all homes. Rid your home of smoke, cooking odors, pet odors and odors from trash. But since it’s all natural you can use it in the smells your young athletic ones. I especially like using the odor removing packs in shoes. Urine in bedding and clothes? Fresh Wave detergent works well. Strong smelling backpacks? Neutralize that odor with the Odor Removing Packs. And since it’s all natural you don’t have to worry about adding unwanted chemicals into your child’s life.

Have any other questions about odor? Well give me a call at the store or watch our Facebook posts and now on the website is a link to the radio show.






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