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Clear Headlight Safety

  • , by Trudy Chuoke Trudy Chuoke

We clean the outside of our cars easily. You just sit inside your car and let the car wash do all the rest. And afterwards your car looks clean and fresh, but what do your headlights look like? Headlights have not been made with glass for quite a while and since they are made of a polymer they get cloudy, or worse, almost completely white with damage. Even though your headlights are coated to protect them from UV damage that coating will deteriorate over time and will cloud and look like a disaster ,getting brittle and oxidizing. And that damage to your headlights is not only aging to the look of your car, but dangerous at night when your headlights are impaired. Have you noticed how hard it is to see at night, always having to put on your brights just to see safety?


There are many headlight cleaners on the market. And then there are some “home grown” answers like toothpaste, lemon juice and my favorite….WD40. I had my headlights professionally cleaned and it was expensive and now they are looking kinda hazy again. About 5 hardware shows ago I ran across a headlight cleaner that really impressed me, Magic Clear Lens. Magic Clear Lens is a liquid cleaning treatment for headlight lenses. It will clean off years of dirt, grime and oxidation with just a wipe of a micro fiber cloth. Simply shake the bottle (this activates the product) add a small amount to your cloth and quickly wipe across the cloudy lens. It will clean and brighten your lens in less than 30 seconds. Now instead of a cloudy, dangerous and unsightly headlight you will have a headlight looking like new. And at night, instead of your headlight looking dull, your bulb of your headlight will be beaming out of a clearer lens. Being much safer.


How often can you use Magic Clear Lens, and why do I like it? It is a maintenance thing as easy as washing your car. It can be used over and over again and it will not damage the lens, it will just make it look cleaner and clearer. When you have your lenses professionally cleaned, it’s labor intensive and expensive. It will remove layers of plastic weakening and damaging the plastic. Continued buffing the lens will in the long run require a new headlight lens. So before you have your headlights professionally polished, just try Magic Clear Lens to clean and clear. Because once you have them polished there is no going back and Magic Clear Lens will not have a surface to work clean and maintain. It’s on the website and one bottle will clean approximately 24 headlights.


Now to the email…..


Question: I had two questions last week on Quick Shine- one was asking if you can use Quick Shine on vinyl plank? And is Quick Shine good to use on parquet flooring.

Answer: Absolutely correct on both surfaces. Just start with a clean floor. If there is any wax on the floor – it will have to be stripped off before you use Quick Shine. Apply one coat of Quick Shine using a new micro fiber pad. You want to use a new, never been used pad. If you use a previous used pad that had soap in it, it will streak the Quick Shine. Use a micro fiber cloth made for flooring. Don’t use any Swiffer products. The dry Swiffers have wax dots on them, which makes them great for picking up dust, but the Quick Shine product will dissolve the wax dots from the Swiffer and leave streaks on the flooring. Your Quick Shine finish will shine with the first coat, and additional coats with deepen the shine. I used to apply 4-5 coats on my floors. I would just apply a coat each night after the kids went to bed.


Question: I have tried many products to get rid of ants inside my kitchen. And I still see them. What can you suggest?

Answer: I would start with Clobber. Just spray around the molding, on the pantry floor and inside cabinets. I also spray door entries and window casements. This will stop them from coming in. I also like to put out Rescue Ant Baits under the sink and around the window sills. Call me if you have any questions – 210-341-1573.

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