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Cleaning with Bring it On

  • , by Trudy Chuoke Trudy Chuoke

The other day I took a water sample from my spa to my local pool supply store. To be honest, I took in the sample because I thought my test strips had gotten wet, and I wanted a good reading. I wanted a second opinion about what was going on or what was not going on with my spa. Sometimes I can get so busy at the store that my day consists of…. wake up, go to work ...go home. And with that schedule some things can get seriously ignored at my house, and one of those things is my spa. And to be perfectly transparent, I was so nervous about what condition this sample might be in that I took my dog Max so that they focused on him instead of the crazy lady bringing in the toxic sample. Even with Max looking his best to look adorable, they did look at me questionably …. warning me that the water was not safe. So, I went home attached a hose to the spa and started draining.

After draining the tub, I had to deal with the stains on the acrylic walls of the tub. Stains on acrylic spas must be dealt with carefully. You can’t clean with anything acidic or use any abrasive sponge. What makes these tubs so beautiful is the glossy finish. And that finish, although it looks tough, is so easy to damage if you are not careful. And once the surface is damaged, it will never look clean again. So, I used two things, Bring It On which is safe on acrylics and my new Libman Tear N Wipe microfiber cloth on a roll.

I was lucky, the stains on my spa were just right around the water line. At first, I thought they would just wipe off, but after trying that, it was obvious, I was going to have to use a cleaning agent. And like I mentioned earlier, you must be careful with the product that you use, so I knew I wanted to use Bring It On. Bring It On is a women owned business that we have had on our shelves for many years. It cleans and polishes acrylic and fiberglass removing all stains like mildew, hard water, and lime deposits and in the situation of my spa, stains left from leaves and organic matter. I tested in a small area first, which is important with any cleaner, before going in with “guns blazing.” Bring It On did a wonderful job and the spa just glistens.

Bring It On also works on your bathroom fiberglass tubs also. This cleaner is made with oxygenated bleach which is different from chlorine bleach which would do so much permanent damage. This cleaner works in the same way as the Lift Off products I wrote about the first of the month. Bring It On breaks the molecular bond of the stain, and the surface of the tub. Made with a light jeweler's abrasive (you can feel it ...if you rub it between your fingers) that will remove tough stains without doing any damage to the surface of the tub. The oxygenated bleach in Bring It On has an extremely low PH level so I felt good about using it in the spa. But still after cleaning I did a thorough rinsing, so it did not have any conflict with the chemicals in the spa.

Bring It On comes in a convenient quart that is ready to use. It has a pleasant fragrance and quickly gets rid of all stains. No scrubbing or hard work when it comes to Bring It On. You don’t even need gloves. You can find it at your local hardware store or on our


Now to the email……

Question: I bought a small home in the Houston area. I noticed some cracked concrete in the garage which also exposed a piece of rebar. Do I need to treat the rebar before I fill it in with some concrete? And what kind of concrete should I use, I know they make different kinds.

Answer: Well, I don’t know whether it’s really that important to treat the exposed rebar, but it would be so simple to do. Use Restore Rust Converter and a small foam brush. Let it cure until it turns dark gray, almost black. Then use Rockite Hydraulic Cement to fill in the area. Rockite comes in a 1 pound up to a 5 pound and will cure in one hour. Great project!

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