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Cleaning Rust Stains

  • , by Trudy Chuoke Sarah Jones

I had a great question from a reader this week, and I wanted to share it with you. Why is this question great? Because homeowners have a challenging time with rust stains. And this question had two answers which makes it exciting to share. She sent me a picture, which I love, because it usually helps me understand what is happening on their project. She has two bathroom sinks. One is a porcelain sink and one is cultured marble all in one sink and countertop. She is wanting one product to clean both sinks. But this project is not like socks, ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL.  Two different surfaces, two different cleaners.

First, the easiest sink to clean is the porcelain sink. Like your porcelain tub and ceramic tile in shower and tub surrounds, you can clean with Delete Germ. Delete Germ is a toilet bowl cleaner that is a great stain remover and a de-limer along with being a disinfectant. So, it’s good for removing soap scum, hard water deposits and rust stains. You put a stream on the sink stain and then scrub with a Scotch Brite pad. The stain will release immediately. Then rinse with clear water. You need to clean quickly and rinse thoroughly. Delete Germ is a mild acid, but if you leave it on the surface without cleaning and rinsing, it can etch the porcelain. The only exception to this rule is when you use it in the toilet bowl. With the toilet bowl full of water, Delete Germ will clean off stains and hard water and remove lime deposits from below the surface of the water. I like to put Delete Germ in the bowl when I go on vacation or to a hardware show because I know I will come home to a clean toilet that flushes better.

 But acrylic sinks and cultured marble are different. These finishes are incredibly soft and not safe for any acid, which can make them hard to clean. Acrylics have a gel coating which gives them shine. But if you go through the gel coating with a cleaner that is too harsh, then you lose the finish and open the surface to all kinds of stains. And they will never look clean again. I don’t know of any way to repair the surface. You must be careful. But there are two products that I would like to recommend. One is Bring It On. Ever since they dropped Gel Gloss at Do It Best, my go to is Bring It On. It is a paste cleaner like Gel Gloss and performs the same way. Using a soft rag, wipe it on the surface of the stain and let it haze over. Then buff the surface clean with another soft towel. It will remove the stain and restore a beautiful soft protective water shedding sheen to the finish.

 Invisible Shield also makes a Limescale and Stain Remover that is in a spray. It can be used on glass, stainless steel, tile, tubs, and faucets. It gives you three ways to clean. For a light cleaning, just spray, clean with a sponge then rinse and wipe stains away with a soft rag. If the stain is a little stronger, spray and scrub with a plastic bristle brush. Rinse and use a soft rag to polish. Then if the stain is stubborn, spray and let sit for 30 minutes and then use the brush and scrub, rinse and dry with a towel.

 Do you have a question that has you scratching your head? Well give me a chance to help and send me an email and if you can- a picture. Or you can give me a call at the store, and we can just talk about it.

 Now to a quick email….

 Question: The silicone sealant around my shower stall floor is mildewed. I have tried everything including straight bleach and it still looks awful. Do I have to remove it and re-grout the area?

Answer: Clean with RMR 86- it’s the only cleaner I have found that can clean mildew in silicone caulking. Silicone caulk is a mildew magnet. And the mildew stain is pulled deep into the caulk and that’s why cleaning the surface of the caulk won’t work. Only RMR cleans down below the surface.



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