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Bring It On! Cleaning Uses

  • , by Trudy Chuoke Trudy Chuoke

Do you ever wonder where companies get the name of their products?  I mean like WD40….did you know that there was WD1-39 before the product tested and worked was #40.  So cleverly they named it WD40.  And today when I talked to Vicki from Bring It On….I asked her how Bring It On got its name.  She laughed and told me a story from years ago.  She was trying to get a product from a warehouse and the manager was being hard to get along with.  Well, she told him to forget it because she was tired of his attitude, and she started her own product line.  Then Bring It On was born. 

 What can you clean with Bring It On?   Take for example fiberglass shower doors, fiberglass tubs, stainless BBQ, windshields, car rims, hot tubs are just a few of the items that are listed on the back of the bottle.   But what I want to focus on is a fiberglass tub or shower.  You can’t use just any cleaner on fiberglass.  Just like cultured marble, fiberglass has a gel coating.  If you ruin the gel coating with a caustic cleaner the finish will be ruined and you will never be able to keep the surface clean.   But Bring It On is a safe cleaner and will not harm fiberglass.  However, it is a tough cleaner, able to power through hard water stains, soap scum and mildew stains with oxygenated bleach.  That allows you to clean mildew, along with hard water stains.  So, it’s also great on tile and grout.  Now don’t worry, it doesn’t smell like bleach, it just works like bleach.  It has a nice fresh smell so when you get through cleaning your whole bathroom smells clean for days. 

 In the kitchen you can clean porcelain sinks, cook tops and Corian counter tops.  It will easily remove coffee stains, rust, and wine stains.  Do you have a cook top with burned-on grease stains?  Use Bring It On and a Scotchbrite green scrubby sponge.  Put about a quarter’s worth on the sponge and work in a circular motion.  Wipe clean with a dampen a microfiber cloth.

 Who cleans and polishes the cars and trucks around your home?  Well give them a bottle of Bring It On and let them put a shine on chrome and a protective coating to boot!  Vicki also wanted me to remind you about the drill brushes that they have and how great they are for cleaning real tough areas on the car and truck.  How many of you have RV’s?  The fiberglass ones like Casita, would look great with a shine from Bring It On. 

 This company has a few new products that I am going to be testing….so just stay tuned and I will you know.

 Now to the email…..

 Question:  We live in a home that was built in 1967. There is rust in the water pipes. How do I get the rust out of the toilet tank? It is discoloring our toilet bowl.  Thanks! Read your column in the Houston Chronicle...learn lots of new things! Thanks!


Answer:  Thank you for the sweet words of encouragement.  The easiest way to remove rust in the toilet is to start with the tank.  Instant Power Tank Cleaner will clean your tank safely – those chlorine, bleach-based tablets are caustic and cause your flapper to disintegrate and then your toilet will be wasting water daily.  Just pour Instant Power into the tank and swish around and then leave overnight.  The next morning lift the lid on the tank and see a pristine white tank.  Then to take care of the bowl.  Pour Delete Germ around the bowl and then with a pumice store or a Flexi Scour (my favorite) clean the existing stain.  If after cleaning, if you see a shadow of rust….clean again.  But once you clean the tank ...your job will be so much easier.  Good Luck!


Question:  What do you suggest for a personal mosquito repellent that is safe for children?

Answer:  Hands down it will be the Medella Insect Repellent.  I use it on myself and my dog and you can use it safely on children.  I like it because it has a nice fragrance.  It is a lemon grass-based product with a touch of vanilla.  And that’s what give it a pleasant fragrance.







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