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A Voice from the Past

  • , by Trudy Chuoke Trudy Chuoke

I reached down deep into the vault of The Happy Handyman articles and came across an article that Dad wrote at Christmas time, and I thought it would be nice to share it with you. If you have read this article for many years, you know that products come and go. But with this article almost everything is still on the shelves at Johnnie Chuoke’s and selling every day. So, enjoy this little “flash” from the past, Merry Christmas to you and your family from all of us at JohnnieChuoke’s Home and Hardware. Now, have a cup of coffee and enjoy the words of my dad.


For me, Christmas comes and goes too quickly. We spend so much time building up to Christmas with preparations and cooking and then …. it’s over. But with Christmas time ending, a new year starts, promising new beginnings and new adventures. And what better way to start than trying a new project around the house? I will be the first to tell you that fixing appliances is not my strong suit. And the other day (right before Christmas) our microwave went out.


Everything stopped until we got it fixed. So, I did a little research on microwaves. Most microwaves have a fuse. Most of the time the fuses are protected inside but can be gotten to once the metal plate is removed. And the replacement fuse is one that most hardware stores have. So, if you are the type that likes working with appliances then fixing a fuse is easy. My service call cost me $100 alone.


If you are having a fire in the fireplace during this cooler season and you don't like the smell of ash in the house afterwards. Then an Air Sponge in the room will clean up the air. Just put it in the return air vent and let that clean air smell take care of any after fire smell. Every time the heater comes on the air will circulate all around the house.


After all the cooking, do your kitchen cabinets look dull. Probably cleaning them will help. But use a product that has no water. It's Fine Wood Cleaner by Holloway House. Just wipe them down with a soft cloth and the Fine Wood Cleaner. It will look great and smell great.


Do your wood floors look dull? Did they take a beating with all the company traffic? Quick Shine will restore that shine in 20 minutes of your time. And it's the only floor product that will give you a shine, so that you don't have to strip off later. When the floor looks dull just apply a new coat of Quick Shine. It's not wax, it's a polymer finish that never needs to be removed, you simply walk it off.


Did someone visit and leave an oily spot in the driveway? Clean it up with Drive Up. Just spray the oil spot every 15 minutes for an hour. Then the last time you spray, scrub lightly with a broom and then rinse off. You don't have to pressure wash, just use a hose. Then let dry. Drive Up continues to work for days afterwards. Did you cook a turkey out on the wood patio? Did you spill cooking oil on the deck, the Drive Up works the same way on cooking oil.


Now if that's not enough to get you moving.... don’t worry it’s a new year and we have all year to get you motivated! I end my radio show each Saturday with a little saying that my cousin Bob used to tell me, and I want to share it with you.


"I am not a judge of the right or wrong. I've lost the road myself sometime, and I might lose it again. But when I see a man who looks as if he has gone astray, I'd like to put my hand in his help him along the way."


Happy New Year!!



Since Dad was talking about fireplaces, I wanted to tell you the easiest way to clean out the ash is to spray them lightly with water. They will clump together and not fly around the room.

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